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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Litany of Thanksgiving by Pope Pius VI


Lord, have mercy on me.
Christ, have mercy on me.
Lord, have mercy on me.
God, the Father of heaven, have mercy on me.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on me.
Holy Ghost, true God have mercy on me.
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on me.

Thou Who hast from all eternity decreed the good which Thou hast hast done me,
have mercy on me. *

Thou Who for my individual benefit hast displayed Thy omnipotence, wisdom, and goodness, *
Thou, Who each instant loadest me with new favors, *
Thou, Who even when I offended Thee, didst not withdraw from me Thy liberal hand, *

For creating me in preference to so many others, and making me to Thy image,
I thank Thee, O my God. **

For raising me to a supernatural end, and giving me an immortal soul, **

For making me capable of knowing, loving, and possessing Thee forever. **

For providing me with a healthy body, undeformed limbs, and undisturbed senses, **

For appointing so many creatures to serve me, **

For giving me an angel as my guide and protector, **

For having preserved and nourished me, like a good father, to this day, **

For having redeemed me from hell by the passion, and death of Thy Son, **

For having called me to the Catholic Church; for having instituted the seven sacraments for my salvation, and for having afforded me so many other means of salvation, **

For not having yet rejected nor condemned me after my committing so many offenses, **

For having preserved me from innumerable evils, both spiritual and corporal, for having given such abundant blessing to my affairs, my labors, and undertakings, **

For all Thy grace and all thy benefits, natural and supernatural, **

For the pains, exterior and interior, by which Thou hast tried me, for the paternal chastisements and corrections by which Thou hast warned me, **

For all the benefits which I have not yet well considered; for all the graces which I have, alas, abused; for all the graces and benefits which Thou wouldst have granted me had not my malice prevented, **

For all the graces and all the benefits which Thou hast granted to the holy angels and all Thy elect, for all the graces and all the benefits which Thou hast granted to all other men, Thy creatures, **

In union with the thanksgiving which the Church militant on earth has rendered Thee and will render Thee hereafter, **

In union with the thanksgiving which the Church triumphant in heaven has rendered Thee and will render Thee eternally, **

Let us pray:

O God Who hast vouchsafed to display in me, the most unworthy of Thy creatures, Thy admirable liberality, I pray Thee, by Thy tender goodness, to add to Thy numberless benefits this grace, that I may in the future be truly grateful for them, and employ them for my salvation and my neighbor's good, in order that by their good use, and by grateful and reciprocal love I may deserve to arrive where, with all Thy Saints, I shall enjoy Thy love, and praise Thee forever. Amen.

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