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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Saint Louis de Montfort: Our Lady protected and helped her warriors who fought for the faith against heresy to conquer impossible odds


“Far from me, heretics

Whom the Church has condemned

With all their fancy practices

And their sophisticated books;

Far from me, Calvinism!

Far from me, Jansenism!

I serve God with my whole heart,

It is my glory and my joy.”

― Saint Louis de Montfort

Our Lady Protects Her Warriors Fighting

the Albigensian Heresy

From the Secret of the Rosary

TIA (Tradition in Action):

It is almost impossible to do credit sufficiently to the victories that Count Simon de Montfort won against the Albigensians under the patronage of Our Lady of the Rosary. They are so famous that the world has never seen anything to match them.

Simon de montfort

Simon de Montfort valiantly fought the Albigensian heresy

One day he defeated 10,000 heretics with a force of 500 men; on another occasion he overcame 3,000 with only 30 men; finally, with 800 horsemen and 1,000 infantrymen he completely routed the army of the King of Aragon, which was a 100,000 strong, and this with the loss on his side of only one horseman and eight soldiers.

Our Lady also protected Alan de l'Anvallay, a Breton knight, from great perils. He too was fighting for the faith against the Albigensians. One day, when he found himself surrounded by enemies on all sides, Our Lady let fall a 150 rocks upon his enemies and he was delivered from their hands.

Another day, when his ship had foundered and was about to sink, this good Mother caused a 150 small hills to appear miraculously above the water and, by means of them, they reached Brittany in safety.

In thanksgiving to Our Lady for the miracles she had worked on his behalf in answer to his daily Rosary, he built a monastery at Dinan for the religious of the new Order of St. Dominic and, having become a religious himself, he died a holy death at Orleans.

Othère, also a Breton soldier from Vaucouleurs, often put whole companies of heretics or robbers to flight, wearing his Rosary on his arm and on the hilt of his sword.

Once when he had beaten his enemies, they admitted that they had seen his sword shining brightly, and another time had noticed a shield on his arm on which Our Lord, Our Lady and the Saints were depicted. This shield made him invisible and gave him the strength to attack well.

Another time he defeated 20,000 heretics with only 10 companies without losing a single man. This so impressed the general of the heretics' army that he sought out Othère, abjured his heresy and declared that he had seen him surrounded by flaming swords during the battle.


Our Lady helped her warrior to conquer over impossible odds

Excerpt from The Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis de Montfort
(NY: Montfort Publications, 1954) 34th rose

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