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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Bishop accountability group asks to investigate Víctor Manuel Fernández for covering up the pedophile priest Eduardo Lorenzo - who was Grassi's confessor


The US organization that investigates pedophile priests calls for Víctor Manuel Fernández to be investigated instead of promoting him and points out that he is unfit for office due to his history of complicity in pedophilia.

In Argentina Bergoglio was also the confessor of the homosexual predators Zanchetta and Julio César Grassi.
Bergoglio has not opened a canonical process to laise his protected homosexual predator Gustavo Zanchetta or Grassi.

New organizations should be created against organized crime from this international network of pedophile priests. From Argentina, Bergoglio rewarded pedophile priests and ensured that most of the crimes committed by them went unpunished. Like Teodoro McCarrick, most of the pedophile priests protected by Bergoglio in Argentina never paid for their crimes, they never even went to jail. And when the civil courts have condemned them, Bergoglio has not released them, like Grassi who continued on the diocese's payroll receiving salary in jail as a priest.

In Dublin, Ireland, Bergoglio was called "the ringleader of the largest pedophile ring in history."

A former Jesuit accused Bergoglio of knowing about the massive cases of abuse perpetrated in Bolivia by Jesuit pedophile priests when he traveled with Arrupe as a coach to the Juan XXIII school in Cochabamba. Pedro Lima, a former Jesuit from Bolivia said: "I was expelled from the order when I denounced the sexual abuse"

Bergoglio arrived at a Latin American meeting in his capacity as "Argentine trainer" and at that meeting some complaints of abuse at the Juan XXIII school in Cochabamba were already known.

The ex-Jesuit made this statement last Friday, June 16, 2023, outraged when the content of a letter from Bergoglio to the president was revealed, in which Bergoglio blatantly lied, expressing "dismay" over the acts of pedophilia committed by some priests in Bolivia. The former Jesuit asked that Bergoglio's participation in the cover-up should be investigated.

In 2015, the newspaper La Opinión wrote that Bergoglio had been to Cochabamba 4 times 40 years ago, participating in various Jesuit activities.

The list of Bergoglio's cover-ups is innumerable this man should be in jail.

By George Neumayr  August 25, 2019 Bergoglio used bailing out bad priests as a form of leverage over them.

Fr. Miguel Buela (left) 

Cdl. Theodore McCarrick (right

Archbishop Viganò: The Pope's actions against McCarrick are all administrative and therefore without appeal. The Vatican's response to these gay scandals is aimed at protecting gay clerical networks at all costs.

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