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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Cardinal Zen: Homosexual concubines live in a permanent state of sin. And calling ‘a sin as something good’ is ‘heresy’


Zen: There Is Nothing Good in Homosexual Concubinage

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Homosexual concubines live in a permanent state of sin, but Francis and Fernández say of such relationships that they are "something good that can grow, that can mature," Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen told EWTN.com (1 February).

The cardinal explained that it is "nothing good" but a grave sin, and that it is heresy to call a sin "something good".

Zen goes on to point out that opposition to homosexual [pseudo] blessings is not only cultural and comes not only from Africa but from many places and "to my surprise" even from parts of France.

Cardinal Zen on homosexual ‘unions’: Calling ‘a sin as something good’ is ‘heresy’

“This is an absolute subjective error. According to objective truth, that behavior is a grave sin and can never be good,” wrote Zen in January. “If the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is […] committing a heresy by claiming a serious sin as ‘good,’ then shouldn’t the Prefect resign or be dismissed?”

Zen’s January essay argued against Fiducia Supplicans’ claim that blessings to homosexual couples are given “out of pastoral love,” noting that Sacred Scripture teaches “that pastors are to protect the… sheep, heal the wounded, and lead back those who have gone astray.”

“The ‘statement’ seems to say that they came as a ‘pair’ and went back as a ‘pair’ after the blessing; doesn’t that mean that they can, at least for the time being, continue to live in the ‘wrong,’ i.e., sinful, way?”

While speaking to Arroyo last night, Zen drew from the style of Pope Benedict XVI who he stated was focussed on “just one point – the truth.”

“There is no right pastoral education if not based on the truths of the faith,” said Zen. “Now the faith for so many centuries is very clear that sodomy is a serious sin, so wherever we see misunderstanding we have to help people understand and to come back, not just to stay, not even for the moment.”

An ‘agenda’ from ‘the very beginning’

The 92-year-old cardinal stated that Fiducia Supplicans was not a document which emerged suddenly out of nowhere, but was a text based on consistent themes and well prepared documents issued by Pope Francis. 

“I saw an agenda at the very beginning,” he said, “but now it’s clear what was the agenda.” 


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