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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Bergoglio's Hypocrisy: in addition to indignation, it arouses disgust

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 Jorge Mario Bergoglio has shown a new face: that of hypocrisy, typical of the Jesuit arrogance that believes everything is permissible, even lying, writes José Arturo Quarracino on MarcoTosatti.com (8 February).

Bergoglio told Credere.it (7 February) that "no one is scandalized if I give my blessing to a businessman who may exploit people: and that is a very serious sin. But they are scandalized when I give it to a homosexual. .... This is hypocrisy!"

Quarracino stresses that the accusation of hypocrisy is directed at Bergoglio himself.

He lies like a hypocrite when he says that "nobody is scandalised" when he blesses corrupt businessmen, because many have protested against the treatment he gives to those who exploit workers, a sin that cries out to heaven.

Bergoglio has no problem associating with the globalist plutocracy, such as the Council for Inclusive Capitalism.

"Many of us have been shocked by the numerous occasions on which 'His Holiness' has blessed not only exploitative businessmen but also promoters of the genocide of abortion," writes Quarracino. He mentions Alberto Fernández, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

Bergoglio "continues to take us for idiots", protesting that "I do not bless a 'homosexual marriage'", but "I bless two people who love [sic] each other".


But if they "love" each other, they are united, so Francis blesses the union, whatever name he wants to give it, Quarracino concludes: "Jesuit hypocrisy in all its splendour".

For him, it is also hypocritical when Bergoglio talks about the "peripheries" and invites a British socialite and feminist to speak to the Council of Cardinals on "gender ideology and the mission of women in the Church".

"Are there no Catholic women in the peripheries - Africa, Asia - who can offer their feminine witness faithfully to Christ and his Church? Why must it be a "British", white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant Barbie?"

"And is it not hypocritical to remain silent in the face of the prenatal genocide perpetrated in the world last year, some 45 million killed before birth?"

"Is it not hypocritical to publicly criticise the death penalty and remove it from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, while at the same time not uttering a single word condemning such genocide?"

For Quarracino, it is sad to contemplate the degradation of a prelate who went from promoting the so-called theology of the people and preaching social justice to becoming a blesser of homosexual couples in the same place where St Peter and thousands of Christians were martyred.

"From Christian martyrdom to Jesuit sodomy: in addition to anger and indignation, it arouses disgust".

“But to God the wicked and his wickedness are hateful alike” (Wisd. 14:9). 

Bergoglio launches a war against the Scriptures to defend his support for those who practice the vice of sodomy

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