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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

It is well known that the apostate Dolan who has become a homosexual activist lobbied the heresiarch Bergoglio

 The Argentine newspaper Clarín spoke of the Lobbying that Timothy Dolan did in favor of Bergoglio: «In reality, it was later learned that there was a very consistent lobby created by Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, to consummate the vote in favor of Francis. Clarín 14/03/13

Bergoglio and his accomplice Dolan have lost their minds

Apostate Cardinal Dolan praises priest who presided at ‘trans’ funeral in New York cathedral

Apostates Bergoglio and Dolan Backs apostate James Martin's Transgender Summit

Dolan mocks God and the Church.

O'Malley, Cupich, Farrell, Dolan, Tobin They knew about McCarrick.

All these apostate homosexual activists who rebel against God's natural law have in common their hatred for the Traditional Holy Mass.

Approximately 50 New York parishes to close, merge

Dolan praises Bergoglio's heretical blasphemy ‘Gay’ Remarks

NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Goes Gay - Dolan Cheers!

Dolan Endorses Homosexuality

Andrew Cuomo apostatized from his Catholic faith for political power.

CUOMO - I’m not here to represent Catholicism

Cuomo Excommunicates Catholics

The formation of the Lavender Mafia:

Describing the formation of homosexual cliques of clergy Fr. Oko says:

They know well, however, that they may be exposed and embarrassed, so they shield one another by offering mutual support. They build informal relationships reminding of a clique or even mafia, aim at holding particularly those positions which offer power and money.

When they achieve a decision-making position, they try to promote and advance mostly those whose nature is similar to theirs, or at least who are known to be too weak to oppose them.

Fr. Oko said, "Just like in the military, in the police, in the art world, once a person with homosexual tendencies gets into power, usually their subordinates are also homosexuals, therefore they start creating a pyramid, and the same thing is happening in the Church with these bishops who knowingly nominate people with the same tendencies."

McCarrick on Bergoglio’s Election: “We did it!”

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