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Sunday, March 3, 2024

The narcissistic Bergoglio destroys the Diocese of Rome and sows division

Bergoglio “who calls himself the Bishop or Rome” sows division and has neglected the clergy of the diocese of Rome


“Pope Francis is dividing the diocese of Rome.” 

After a “reform” in the Roman diocese, Francis disempowered the Cardinal Vicar in charge and took over personally, but never assumed his new duties, neglecting his priests and even sowing division among them, writes SilereNonPossum.it (24 February).

- Francis runs the Roman diocese as he did in Buenos Aires: no contact with the clergy, only a few have access to him to bring the latest gossip and to receive directives.

- Gossip is the system Francis uses to govern the Vicariate of Rome.

- The parish priests prefer not to hear about Francis and what is happening in the diocese: There is a risk of losing one's own faith,” a parish priest jokes bitterly.

- The climate created by Bergoglio has become unbearable.

- The Council of Bishops of Rome is completely divided.

- Francis doesn't care about priestly formation, but instead he hurls insults from the Vatican.

- Francis has not ordained any priests since 2021, and this year will be no different.

- On 24 February, the Rector of the Roman Seminary, Monsignor Michele Di Tolve - a faithful servant of the Court - came to the Vatican with the deacons who will be ordained priests in April to meet Francis, but they were not received because Francis “has a fever”.

- In reality, Francis was healthy and the “fever” was just an excuse to avoid the meeting.

- The deacons returned home without being given another appointment.

- Francis' approach to priestly formation is to have educators who want priests according to their own image.

- Gone are the days when popes went to the seminary to meet the community and take care of the formation of future priests: “Those were bad and ugly popes, sons of power and of a Church that must disappear”, writes SilereNonPossum.it.

"For his superior, Bergoglio was divisive, he did not even have to be a bishop"

In Argentina, the anti-Catholic and vengeful Bergoglio slandered the good bishops, accusing them of alleged homosexuality and psychiatric problems

The apostate homosexual and heretic Bergoglio was not canonically elected but fraudulently imposed by the St. Gallen mafia

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