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Thursday, August 30, 2018

How Francis Actively Promoted Gay Abusers in the Vatican

en.news A “highly placed”, “very trustworthy” and “well-informed” Vatican source told LifeSiteNews.com (August 30) that Cardinal Gerhard Müller and three priests before him were dismissed by Pope Francis because they all had tried to implement Church's rules concerning homosexual abuses.

Fr Inzoli had been convicted of abusing five boys aged from 12 to 16

According to the source, Müller opposed Francis wanting to re-instate Father Mauro Inzoli, an abuser of many adolescents who was suspended from the priesthood in 2012. Francis did not listen to Müller and allowed Inzoli to perform some functions of the priesthood.

In 2015, the priest attended an Italian conference on the family

In another case, Francis decided that a Vatican apartment would not be given to one of Müller's secretaries - although Müller himself had asked for it. Instead it went to the now-infamous Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, a secretary of pro-gay Cardinal Coccopalmerio.

According to the source Francis was informed about Capozzi's gay problems but gave him the apartment anyway.

In this apartment, Capozzi organised in summer 2017 a gay party with large amounts of cocaine. The party was ended by a police raid.

Bergoglio knowingly gave Vatican apartment to gay priest later caught in cocaine-fuelled orgy

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