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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Louie Verrecchio : So, exactly where is that dossier, and what does it contain?

I’ll get right to it: Where is that 300 page dossier that was submitted to Pope Benedict XVI just days before he decided to flee for fear of the wolves? This is the same report that, one has good reason to believe, provides details concerning a vast homosexual network operating in the Vatican.
According to a statement issued by the Holy See Press Office on  February 26, 2013:
The Holy Father [Benedict] has decided that the acts of this investigation, known only to himself, remain solely at the disposition of the new pope.
Since having the dossier placed in his hands more than five years ago, what of any note has Jorge Bergoglio done with regard to the Church’s homo-clerical problem?
Well, he has done many things.
  • He almost immediately appointed a flaming queer, Fr. Battista Ricca, Prelate of the IOR (Vatican Bank) and then famously declared of this same man’s gayness, “Who am I to judge?”
  • He surrounded himself with men like C9 Cardinals O’Malley and Maradiaga – men who “see no evil” as it pertains to clerical sodomites behaving badly.
  • He published an interim report for Synod 2014 which states, “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community.”
  • He pressed forward with the appointment of Bishop Juan Barros in Chile in spite of the outcry of persons attesting to his homo-deviancy.
  • He appointed LGBT activist Fr. James Martin a consultor to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications.
In the interest of space, I will stop here.
In short, from the earliest days of his occupation of Rome, Francis has been making it crystal clear that he does not intend to pose a threat of any kind to clerical homo-deviants, be they in the Vatican or elsewhere; in fact, he has elevated them to positions of power and prestige.
Was this perhaps part of the deal that put him there in the first place?
Benedict, for his part, stated in his 2016 memoir, Last Testament, that he was aware of a Vatican “gay lobby” that was made up of four or five people, but that he managed to break the group up during his pontificate.
Right!  Persons who live and work in the Roman Curia most certainly know better. Are there none who love the Church enough to speak up?
Perhaps a better question to ask is whether or not there are any men in the Curia who are not fearful of being blackmailed, or worse. As I’ve stated in this space a number of times, it seems rather likely that the homo lobby had a hand in convincing Benedict to step aside.
In any case, the message sent via Benedict’s ludicrous claim of a tiny, disbanded gay lobby is clear; no threat to the lavender mafia will be forthcoming from him either.
In his pathetic letter on the homo-clerical crisis of 20 August, Francis spoke numerous times of a need for openness. OK then, let’s have some openness, shall we.
Where is that dossier, and, more importantly, what does it contain?
Of course, neither the Heretic nor the Abdicator will provide answers to these eminently timely and important questions, but does anyone with access to the Unholy See Press Office – clerical or lay – have the guts to even ask?
It is doubtful indeed, but let us not forget that Frank ‘n Beans are not the only persons with firsthand knowledge of the dossier’s contents. Its authors – Cardinals Julián Herranz, Salvatore De Giorgi, and Jozef Tomko – also know what the dossier reveals; in fact, each one may even have a copy of his very own.
Given the present state of affairs in the Church (no pun intended), these cardinals should also be pressed to reveal, in the purifying light of truth, the putridness that they uncovered.
Doing so may perhaps shed light, not only on the homo-clerical crisis, but on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Benedict’s resignation.
So, exactly where is that dossier, and what does it contain?

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