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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

In Buenos Aires, Bergoglio’s successor profanes the sacrament of baptism, turning it into a “gay right”

en.news The rich Argentinian homosexual choreographer Flavio Mendoza, 43, organised a show baptism for his surrogate baby (inseminated, manufactured with the purchase of ovules and surrogate mother)  in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. Mendoza was accompanied by his current gay accomplice, Daniel Allodi, 32.

According to Clarín.com (August 5), Allodi, who is the owner of a solarium, played a leading role during the event.

The baby was born in April by a paid surrogate mother, a procedure costing up to 130'000 Dollars.

Mendoza celebrated the gay event in the cathedral with prominent guests and published the pictures later on Internet.

Apostate Alejandro Russo

Apostate Bishop Poli profanes the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires by approving gay adoptions by his desacralizing the sacrament of baptism converting it to a GAY RIGHT and the recognition of homosexual unions, artificial insemination and surrogate pregnancy approval

How many children were saved in Sodom and Gomorrah? None
What catholic education can a child receive when they are corrupted daily and their soul murdered with the bad example of the Sodomites? None


What was the renunciation of Satan made by the sodomite surrogate father in the name of the children when the sacrilegious ceremony took place? NONE

LA NACION Flavio Mendoza celebrated the baptism of his son Dionisio in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, surrounded by family and friends, and took the opportunity to introduce his new boyfriend, Daniel Allodi.

No Catholic faithful can be the sponsors of a fraud in which gay adoptions are approved and legitimizes the recognition of gay pseudo-marriages and the abominable vice of sodomy because it is an act of apostasy, and the godfather or godmother of this abomination becomes an apostate. 

We Catholics must renew our baptism's promises because in Hell there are also baptized souls who committed the sin of apostasy. The souls of many bishops and Catholics who committed the sin of apostasy.

We have proof that many gay couples not only desecrate the sacrament but indoctrinate children to accept the vice of sodomy. So you have many of the sodomites turning their children into sodomites like themselves.

This is a diabolical farce; where a child instead of learning the faith in a Catholic home has become the property of the Sodomites; and he will be psychologically murdered with his soul on a daily basis if we do not remove them from this perverse environment meaning he has signed his eternal death sentence.

Bergoglio sent a letter of congratulations to gay activists who have turned children into gay activists and one of them into a homosexual.

The Homosexual activist couple that Bergoglio congratulates have turned one of their adopted children into a homosexual and using them all as gay activists

The fraudulent catholic certificate of baptism lists the names of gay activists as if they were the true parents of children, thereby accepting gay adoptions.

This gay activist couple had already baptized the children here the proof of one of them.

St. Augustine warned that: Baptism, which is a blessing for believers, becomes a curse for heretics.

Baptism is "a sign given by Jesus Christ to the faithful, just as the Antichrist will give his followers the sign of the beast" (St. Hippolytus).

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