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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Apostasy: Baptized Indian – Who Continued Practicing Native Rituals – on Route to "Beatification"

en.news A Vatican postulator recently travelled to South Dakota, USA, to gather information for the beatification of Nicholas Black Elk (+1950), a Lakota Sioux medicine man who became a Catholic catechist.

This initiative is surprising as Black Elk has always maintained his pagan traditions alongside with Catholicism. He used to participate regularly in both, Holy Mass and Lakota ceremonies.

His granddaughter Charlotte Black Elk, an attorney, expressed to ReligionNews.com (August 21) her doubts that her grandfather “ever truly held Catholic beliefs”.

According to her, he became a Catholic catechist because of perks, including a car.

Robert Dwayne Gruss is the successor of  Blase J. Cupich

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