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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Laity are fed up with 'the dreaded silence of a haughty hierarchy'

by Stephen Wynne  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 13, 2018

BALTIMORE (ChurchMilitant.com) - At the Silence Stops Now rally in Baltimore on Tuesday, international child protection attorney Liz Yore, Esq. called out, "We need to protect the children!"
"And like the courageous laity who led the fight to protect the unborn children," she proclaimed, "the laity will lead the fight to protect the children from the sexual predators in the Catholic clergy."
"We faithful Catholics," she declared, "are fed up with the dreaded silence of a haughty hierarchy!" 
"This haughty hierarchy covered up and participated in the rape of our innocent boys and our precious seminarians," she said, indicating the mass of Catholic bishops meeting across the street.
Because of this, "the once-vibrant Catholic Church that built this country has been bleeding Catholics because of these men," she lamented.
Yore pointed out that, after the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report, the standard company line streaming from chanceries across the country was "it's all in the past."
"Don't insult our intelligence," she exclaimed.
"Just this week, an 80-year-old priest in Montana was arrested for possession of child pornography," she revealed, "including several videos of 2-year-old children being raped. These predators never stop." 
Yore had harsh words for Pope Francis, blasting his "Peronist papacy," and reminding listeners "this catastrophe" continues to unfold on his watch. 
She slammed the pontiff for ordering the U.S. bishops on Monday to delay voting on ecumenical conduct standards, insisting, "I assure you that waiting is abusing!" 
Yore praised Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò for his courage to step forward as a whistleblower. 
"Lightning struck St. Peter's again in the form of Viganò!" she exclaimed. He "dropped a spiritual bombshell" and "the mother of all bombs" on the Francis papacy by taking his leap of faith, knowing "the truth would provide a soft landing in eternity."
"This is a monumental crisis in the history of the Church," she observed. 
"What is the response to Viganò?" she asked. "Stone cold silence," she replied, prompting shouts of "Silence no more!" from attendees.
Yore observed that the sin in the Church "cries out to Heaven for purification."
"It's time to drain the swamp and dredge the Tiber!" she exclaimed, calling on faithful Catholics to imitate Abp. Viganò by tearing down the conspiracy of silence.
"We must get down on our knees, then roll up our sleeves and get to work," she rallied. "We must resist!"

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