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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pope Francis Is Promoting Mortal Sin – Bishop Schneider

en.news Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider notices a “flood of the homosexual heresy” inside the Church and an “embarrassed silence” amongst “many bishops”.

Writing to LifeSiteNews.com (November 25), Schneider re-states that homosexual acts are “against nature and reason” and lead to eternal damnation.

Clerics who advocate for the legitimacy of homosexuality - Schneider explains - are not servants of Christ but of the “political and media regime of homosexuality” and therefore “regime bishops”.

According to Schneider, the Holy See [read: Pope Francis] does not oppose the advance of gay ideology, but even assigns ecclesiastical tasks to supporters of this perversion.

Schneider notices that Pope Francis currently fails in "strengthening the truth regarding homosexuality."

Scivias 78. God will judge all perpetrators of fornication, sodomy and bestiality
Let those who approach My altar appear in My sight in chastity, as also should those who desire to receive the sacrament of the body and blood of My Son, lest they should fall into ruin. For many are found among both spiritual and secular people who not only pollute themselves in fornication with women but also assume a heavy burden of condemnation by contaminating themselves in perverted forms. How? A man who sins with another man as if with a woman sins bitterly against God and against the union with I which God united male and female. Hence both in God's sight are polluted, black and wanton, horrible and harmful to God and humanity, and guilty of death; for they go against their Creator and His creature, which is in them. How? 
God united man and woman, thus joining the strong to the weak, that each might sustain the other. But these perverted adulterers change their virile strength into perverse weakness, rejecting the proper male and female roles, and in their wickedness they shamefully follow Satan, who in his pride sought to split and divide Him Who is indivisible. They create in themselves by their wicked deeds a strange and perverse adultery , and so appear polluted; and shameful in My sight. 
And a man who sins with a woman by this same method of perverted fornication is a voracious wolf of wickedness. How? A person would seem perverted and harmful to other people if he threw away beautiful clean food and ate the ordure that comes out of the body in digestion; and these are in My sight equally unworthy and unclean, since they forsake the proper way of uniting with a woman and seek in her an alien sin. And a woman who takes up devilish ways and plays a male role in coupling with another woman is most vile in My sight, and so is she who subjects herself to such a one in this evil deed. For they should have been ashamed of their passion, and instead they impudently usurped a right that was not theirs. And, having put themselves into alien ways, they are to Me transformed and contemptible.
And men who .touch their own genital organ and emit their semen seriously imperil their souls, for they excite themselves to distraction; they I appear to Me as impure animals devouring their own whelps, for they wickedly produce their semen only for abusive pollution. And women who imitate them in this unchaste touching, and excite themselves to bodily convulsions by provoking their burning lust, are extremely guilty , for they pollute themselves with uncleanness when they should be keeping themselves in chastity. Hence both women and men who elicit their own seed by touching themselves in the body do a filthy deed and inflict ulcers and wounds on their souls; for they will not keep themselves in a state of chastity for love of Me. What does this mean? When a person feels himself disturbed by bodily stimulation, let him run to the refuge of continence, and seize the shield of chastity, and thus defend himself from uncleanness. How? Let him cast out the tares from the wheat, which is to say, let him separate the clamor of lust from the sweetness of chastity. 
And whoever thus casts out of himself the taste for lust is very sweet and lovable to Me. But, O humans, you cast away chastity and love lust when you fornicate not only with other people but even with animals; thus you send your seed not into what lives but into what is dead, and you forsake what is equal to you and desire what is subject to you and serves you. Therefore the elements cry out against you, saying, "Alas, alas! our rulers join with us in the mingling of their seed!" And thus they show their grief at My anger against your deeds. Why then do you, knowing yourselves human, convert your intelligence into bestial stupidity? Did I create you to join with animals? Never. And when you unite with them, the guilt of the most bitter crimes falls upon you, because you scorn the plan I made for the joining of male and female. For whoever transforms himself by his deeds into a depraved follower of his own desires, and pours out his semen with an animal, brings on himself great ruin, as Satan cast himself down by his perversity when he tried to be like God. 
Therefore, all you who contaminate yourselves with perverted pollutions, resist your desires; chastise your bodies, and give yourselves over to true and bitter penance with weeping and fasting and torture of your flesh and severe blows, lest you send yourselves impenitent into an excess of cruel guilt. 

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