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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bergoglio concealed that the sodomite Juan Pineda, a serial abuser of seminarians, embezzled a $ 1.3 million grant to pay for homosexual orgies "to pay for sexual favors and maintain a network of lovers."

en.news The Honduran news-page ConfidencialHN.com (November 8) published more details of disgraced Bishop Juan José Pineda’s alleged misconduct. Pineda was a very close collaborator of Tegucigalpa Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga who, again, is one of the closest collaborators of Pope Francis charged with “Church reform”.

Pineda has already been accused of sexually abusing seminarians and having a string of homosexual lovers. He allegedly also engaged in financial misconduct.

Francis never published the findings of a May 2017 Apostolic Visit in Tegucigalpa, he himself had ordered. No sanctions against Pineda were ever pronounced.

Now ConfidencialHN reports how Pineda embezzled a $1.3 million grant from the government which totally disappeared. Pineda visited various parishes, asking priests to give him details of purported projects the funds could supposedly go to. None of the projects were executed.

One of Pineda’s alleged lovers, Erick Cravioto Fajardo, a Mexican layman whom Pineda dressed up as a priest to secure a tax exemption on a Toyota Yaris car he bought for him, drew up a “well written” document to secure the grant. The document was signed by Cardinal Rodríguez who never properly audited the funds.

The ConfidencialHN states that Pineda used the money “to pay for sexual favors, maintain a network of lovers, for whom he bought several real estate properties, cars, motorcycles, trips abroad with a paid lover, among others.”

Homosexual orgies allegedly often took place in Villa Iris, the cardinal’s residence. Cravioto lived in a spacious room adjacent to the cardinal’s quarters at the residence. Bishop Pineda also lived at the property.

When touring different municipalities, Bishop Pineda always stayed in a single room with his assistant, Oscarito.

He also used to bring altar boys, who were seminarians at the time, to help him celebrate Mass at a place called Valle de Angeles. In the house, there was only a room with a bed and a sofa, and Pineda was left with two children. It seems that he slept with the two of them in one bed, leaving the sofa untouched. 
Later Pineda exchanged his lover Cravioto with Oscarito, and Cravioto became the lover of a certain Denis who was awarded a full-time scholarship at the Catholic University of Honduras.

Honduran Seminarians Allege Widespread Homosexual Misconduct

More than half of the seminarians in Tegucigalpa are homosexually active. The former Bishop Pineda in the center.

Maradiaga who covered up and protected homosexual predator uses profane language to attack the press

The Wrong People Francis Can’t Get Rid Of

Francis Confirms Radical Cardinal

Soros and Maradiaga behind the Honduran Invasion to Mexico - USA

“Pueblo Sin Fronteras” is in charge of the Honduran caravan invasion; a Pro Gay activists Group financed by George Soros 

Leaked e-mails show George Soros paid $650K to influence bishops during Francis’s US visit

“we will support PICO’s organizing activities to engage the Pope on economic and racial justice issues, including using the influence of Cardinal Rodriguez, the Pope’s senior advisor, and sending a delegation to visit the Vatican in the spring or summer to allow him to hear directly from low-income Catholics in America.”

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