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Friday, November 2, 2018

Judeo-Masonry in Argentina G20 proposes Bergoglio as Head of a One World Religion

In this Youtube video a seven day Adventist Pastor, Roberto Profeta, declares that during the G20 InterFaith Forum  celebrated in Argentina in September 2018 Sergio Bergman proposed Bergoglio as world leader of a One World Religion, uniting all religions for 'peace and security' 

Jorge Lozano

The forum received a humanist message from Bergoglio and Jorge Lozano (Argentinian), the anglican Augusto Zampini representing a 'dicastery of Vatican' participated among others.


Again Bergoglio does not care about the salvation of souls, speaks in his own name, and when necessary does not mind preaching about Christ. He only worries about promoting the anti-Christian goals of the UN-Climate change, abortion as a 'human right', and sustainable development goals; promoting the principles of freemasonry; the cult of man; ecumenism to unite the different religions; the 'care' of pachamama and pacifism which are all attributes belonging to the false prophet and antichrist.

Verso una Chiesa "Cristo-free"

Bergoglio denies the Catholic Creed, violates the First Commandment and promotes the heresy of religious indifferentism that is the greatest blasphemy against the Holy Trinity 81 – ‘Pray for me!’ 

65 – If some of you don’t pray because you don’t believe or it goes against your conscience, please send positive vibes my way

Bergoglio refuses to dialogue and he doesn't listen why scientist disagree about global warming.

Sorondo: Francis And United Nations Say the Same

Bergoglians are like the apostate angels that prefer to disobey God and follow a rebellious angel like Lucifer; as they do with Bergoglio.  They prefer to deny the Catholic God without whom there is no salvation.  The idolatry that they have for Bergoglio is useless, given they have exchanged it instead of the true God. If they believe there is not a Catholic God why do they need a pope?

Apostate Barreto "we need to recognize the importance of #indigenous peoples as guardians of the #Amazonia world heritage of 7.5 million km2"

Pro Gay Sergio Bergman: Bergoglio is my Rabbi

Min 28 


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