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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Bergoglio has indebted the local churches, to cover his expensive visits in which he promotes his liberal agenda to corrupt the youth


Atila Sinke Guimarães

The Bishops of Ireland are asking the faithful to pay the expenses of Pope Francis’ August trip to the Emerald Isle, and the high costs of that quick trip are becoming known.
mass ireland pheonix park pope francis 
 Francis says Mass to a meager crowd
in Phoenix Park, Dublin
empty stands for papal mass ireland

Here is a news report from The Tablet of London: “Parishes across Ireland have been asked to hold a fifth national collection this weekend in a bid to cover the € 4 million deficit ($4.5 million) outstanding on the August papal visit and the World Meeting of Families (WMF). 

“The overall cost to Church and State of the 32-hour visit is estimated at € 32 million ($ 36.5 milion), including substantial security costs.” (The Tablet, November 10, 2018, p. 29) 

The magazine goes on to give details: “The visit to Dublin, Knock and the hosting of the WMF cost the Church € 19 million ($21.6 million). So far, €15.4 million ($17.5 milion) has been raised through four national parish collections, corporate sponsorship and donations. … It is hoped the remaining € 4 million can be secured through this weekend’s collection. … 

“Responding to criticism that Mass-goers were once again being asked to step up to the plate … Bishop Kevin Doran … [said]: ‘We have to pay our debts and this means ultimately each diocese in Ireland will have to cough up out of reserves.'” 

So, the balance of approximately $36.5 million for a 32-hour trip gives the pictures as to what Pope Bergoglio is costing his hosts, with an average of about $1.1 million per hour for his company. Quite an expensive hourly rate! 

A series of contradictory facts come from this report. 

1. I am not aware of the fares of rock and movie stars who visit other countries, but I would be surprised to learn that any of them would be as expensive as the trips of this Pope who tries to impose poverty on everyone in the Catholic Church. He has forbidden that the cardinals wear their scarlet garments in papal meetings because it is a display of opulence and can “ scandalize” the poor. 

But he himself imposes on the faithful the bill of over $1 million per hour to see him visiting their country in his cheap black shoes and worn transparent cassock. What an expensive manifestation of poverty!

papal pomp 
 Papal pomp and ceremony symbolized Christ and the holiness of the Church

2. Francis hates the past monarchical Papacy and is doing whatever he can to get rid of it, as we at TIA have shown many times (here, here, here, here and here). Among the criticisms he makes of the Papal Monarchy is that it was very expensive and not turned toward the poor. However, I do not know of a single public appearance of the Pope Kings that was as costly as these trips by the Conciliar Popes to manifest themselves as representatives of the people, as democratic. How oppressive this democratic face of the New Church is for the people! 

3. When the Popes of the past appeared surrounded by sacred symbols, the people used to see on them what they symbolized, that is, Christ and the holiness of the Catholic Church. Now that almost all those symbols have been abolished, when the Conciliar Popes appear, they only show their persons. The revolution to abolish the symbols ended in a blatant manifestation of the egocentrism of each Pope. What humility in that past pomp! What hypocrisy in this false manifestation of humility! 

4. When the public appearances of the Queen of England incur expenses, there is no doubt that the English people love her pomp and display. The proof is the overwhelming crowds that show up for her appearances even though she has been reigning for more than 65 years and her appearances are not rare. 

Now, it is very rare in the history of Ireland to have a Pope visiting the country. Nonetheless, the Irish people were not content with the visit of Francis. They showed this by protesting against his leniency in dealing with the pedophile scandal in the Church and by not coming to his gatherings. What unjustified expenses! What a lie to say that papal visit was made to please the Irish people! 

5. In principle, Pope Bergoglio went to Ireland to bolster the life of the family attacked by so many factors in the modern world. Actually, he took advantage of his visit to foster elements that are corrosive to the family, such as his promotion of Fr. James Martin, now a Vatican official, who was imposed into the WMF schedule as a speaker in order to advance the homosexual agenda.

james martin homos dublin 
 A homo choir celebrating Francis' visit
at the WMF in Ireland

In fact Martin preached to Irish Catholics that they should welcome homosexuals in Catholic churches and in their homes. Now, homosexuality is against nature and consequently is corrosive to the family. What a deleterious papal action when Francis should be reinforcing the family! 

Here I point out to my reader some of the multiple contradictions that stand out analyzing Pope Francis' visit to Ireland. 

As a side note, allow me to stress another hole created by expenses like those in Ireland.

I was told that in Ecuador, the Archdiocese of Quito had to incur large debts in order to host Francis in July 2015. The creditors understandably pressured the Archdiocese, which did not have the funds to pay the debt. 

The result is that a foreign wealthy priestly society came to rescue the Archdiocese, giving it about $1 million in exchange for many privileges. Is this not a subtle form of simony that was created by the frenetic desire of the Conciliar Popes to be popular?

ecuador francis 
 Ecuador incurred a huge debt with Francis' visit.



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