"It is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action"
(Council of Vienne)


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bergoglio calls out those who use "adjective culture" that "belittles"

At the World Youth Daycare in Panama, Bergoglio of Rome said that "Gossipers are not interested (in the person). They quickly seek to put a label to get them out of the way. The adjective culture belittles the person,"

You mean like:

"Old maid!"

"Fomenter of coprophagia!"

"Specialist of the Logos!"

"Rosary counter!"


"Self-absorbed, Promethean neo-Pelagian!"


"Ideological Christians!"


"Mr and Mrs Whiner!"


"Rigid Christians!"

"Modern gnostics!"

"Liquid Christian!"

"Superficial Christians!"

"Slaves of superficiality!"

"Museum mummy!"

"Renaissance prince!"

"Airport Bishop!"

"Leprous courtier!"


"Long-faced, mournful funeral Christian!"


"Careerist Bishop!"




"Querulous and disillusioned pessimist!"

"Sad Christian!"

"Pickled pepper-faced Christian!"

"Children! Afraid to dance! To cry! Afraid of everything!"

"Asker for certainty in all things!"

"Christians allergic to preaching!"

"Closed, sad, trapped Christian who is not a free Christian!"

"Pagan Christian!"

"Little monster!"

"Defeated Christian!"

"Creed-reciting, parrot Christian!"

"Watered-down faith, weak-hoped Christian!"

"Inquisitorial beater!"

"Seminarians who grit their teeth and wait to finish!"

"Those who follow rules and smile [who] reveal the hypocrisy of clericalism - one of the worst evils!"

 "Abstract ideologue!"


"Smarmy, idolator priest!"

"Worshiper of the god Narcissus!"

"Priest-wheeler dealer!"


"Religious who have a heart as sour as vinegar!"

"Promoter of the poison of immanence!"

“Those closed in the formality of a prayer that is cold, stingy!"

"They might end up as Michal, in the sterility of her formality.”

"Older people nostalgic for structures and customs which are no longer life-giving in today’s world!"

"Young people addicted to fashion!"

"Pastry-Shop Christians!"

"Luscious cakes, sweet dainties!"

"Delectable, but not real Christians!"

"Existential tourist!"

"Anesthetised Christian!"

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