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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Novena Prayer to St. John Bosco for the Protection of Young People

O glorious Saint John Bosco, who, in order to lead young people to the feet of the divine Master and to form them in the light of faith and Christian morality, didst heroically sacrifice thyself to the very end of thy life and didst found a fitting religious Institute destined to endure and to bring to the farthest boundaries of the earth thy glorious work, obtain also for us from our Lord a holy love for young people, who are exposed to so many seductions, in order that we may generously spend ourselves in supporting them against the snares of the devil, in keeping them safe from the dangers of the world, and in guiding them, pure and holy, in the path that leads to God. Amen

(Indulgence of 300 days)

We ask Don Bosco to intercede before the Throne of God so that our young people reach holiness and live a pure life according to the Word of God.  So, that they allow the Holy Spirit to act in their lives and have holy fear not offending God in anyway.  So, that they give testimony of Christian life and use their bodies as an instrument of holiness to reach the fullness of their vocation and state of life in complete holiness. We ask Don Bosco to intercede so that God protects and liberates our youth from the current dangers and temptations of the world; and for the Holy Spirit to heal and restore those who have been sexually abused or morally corrupted by gender ideology.  For those who have fallen into the mortal trap of homosexuality, that they be liberated, restored and become instruments of sanctification for other young people. Through the powerful intercession of Don Bosco, may our young people become the light of the world and salt of earth for the greater glory and praise of Jesus Christ. 
Praise and honour to you, Lord Jesus!

Oh holy patron of the youth, I come to you with sincere confidence in your closeness to Jesus. Saint John Bosco, I need your help, I need your prayers, I need your intercession to God for His grace to help me with… 
(state your intentions here) 
With your love of Mary, our Mother, pray for me! With your love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, pray for me! With your love for all those who suffer, pray for me! 
Don Bosco, please pray fervently for the grace that I now ask from God our Father. In addition, please pray that I may have a sincere acceptance of the Will of God and a perfect trust in Him. 
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory Be…

Don Bosco judges Francis’ heretical idea on the formation of youth

St. John Bosco preached the truth about the "impostor" Mohamed and his false religion 

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