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(Council of Vienne)


Thursday, January 24, 2019

More Evidence That Francis Knew About Zanchetta's homosexual abuses prior to Vatican promotion


After the untimely resignation of Orán Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, Pope Francis sent him to Jesuit Father German Arana in Madrid, Spain, according to Edward Pentin (January 23).

Francis sent at least two more early retired bishops to the same priest for counseling: Chilean Bishop Barros and Honduran Bishop Pineda.

A source told Pentin that Fr Arana is Franci's “psychologist and Jesuit adviser” to whom he sends clerics with problems, especially of homosexual nature.

The same source says that it is “obvious” that Francis and the Vatican knew about Zanchetta's alleged homosexual abuses already in 2017 – although the Vatican Press Office twice is still lying about this.

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