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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Homosexual activity in the Vatican it is out of control.The Swiss Guard are regular targets

Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.” “And men will become ever more perverted Our Lady of La Salette

The Anti-Pope Francis says he won't judge priests for being gay.

by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 23, 2019                 

Disgruntled papal nuncios meet in secret in Rome

Church Militant has learned exclusively of a secret meeting that occurred with a good number of papal nuncios last night.
The point of the meeting was to air their grievances among each other at how the Vatican simply ignores whatever bad behavior of priests or bishops they report — meaning bad sexual behavior.
The nuncios, we were told — a somewhat sizable group of them who are here because of the sex summit — are extremely upset and angry and didn't really discover the scope of how the Vatican was ignoring their reports until they just started talking with each other informally.
That is quite a development. It's not exactly sure what recourse the various nuncios have, but that they are feeling dismissed, ignored and their reports trivialized is absolutely certain.
They are ticked off, frankly, and so are quite a few other people.
We've been told by various folks who work in and around the Vatican that things have never been this bad. Priests are afraid to wear cassocks, afraid that if they look "too traditional" they will be reported to the Vatican.
Various individuals are being followed and their movements monitored. Rooms are bugged, phone lines are tapped and the Vatican more and more resembles North Korea, as one cleric termed it to us.

This is the new Rome, the "Rome of Mercy" — mercy apparently for lying, covering up, homosexualist prelates who hate the Church, but no mercy for anyone else.

Sources tell us that the level of homosexual activity here is off the charts. The Swiss Guard, for example, is a regular target.

One source told us that grooming attempts and sexual advances by various archbishops are so off the charts that each year's new recruits should be given a week-long class on how to handle it.

And don't forget, this is the new Rome, the "Rome of Mercy" — mercy apparently for lying, covering up, homosexualist prelates who hate the Church, but no mercy for anyone else, especially those who uphold Tradition.
One of the more interesting developments to come out this week — speaking of homosexualist clergy who hate the Church — Fr. Thomas Rosica was busted plagiarizing multiple sources.
Yep, the Vatican's English-speaking liaison to the media simply ripped off lines from various sources in a speech he gave at Cambridge earlier this month.
But he didn't stop at just plagiarizing. He actually plagiarized out of context, using the moment to charge that the testimony of whistleblower Abp. Viganò was lies, which is rich considering he was passing off as his own words many other people's words in his speech.
In just one example, quoting out of context, he called Viganò's testimony a "diabolical masterpiece," a term first credited to a bishop and repeated by a cardinal referring to the crisis, not Viganò's testimony.
When caught red-handed, in typical unaccountable fashion, he apologized, accepted full responsibility and then turned around and blamed his interns.
And the tidbit about Abp. Viganò brings us back to the secret meeting of nuncios last night.
They are the keepers of many secrets, and if a group of them suddenly decided to do what former nuncio to the United States Viganò did last August, the Vatican could be in quite a mess.
As media scrutiny intensifies, it came up a couple of days ago that another papal inner circle member, Indian Cdl. Oswald Gracias, on two occasions himself left victims unprotected and did not go to the police, perhaps even breaking Indian law which mandates such action.
In one case, a family reported to him in 2015 that their son had come home from serving Mass and told them he had been raped by the priest.
Until real action is taken, Catholics are going to have to endure this sordid filth being exposed day by day.Tweet
They contacted him, and then Gracias simply left for Rome that same night and did not inform police. He found out sometime later from one of his auxiliaries that the family had ended up reporting it themselves.
Gracias also looked the other way when he was informed that one of his priests offering retreats for women had molested one woman, and Gracias just left him in service and did not report anything to the police.
It is example after example of this constant drip, drip, drip of offense and cover-up and ignoring that the laity, good priests and now apparently the nuncios are simply not going to stand for any longer.
To add insult to injury, Gracias is present here at the summit in so-called "listening sessions," hearing accounts of victims' suffering.
Which begs the question: If one of the Pope's inner circle can't listen and pay attention in his own diocese back home to these horrible things and follow the proper course of action, why is his sitting here in Rome going to make a difference?
The evil, the hypocrisy, the cover-up and the lies, the police state, the fear, the indignant attitude, the lack of good will — all of it is being laid bare case by horrible case.
Unfortunately, until real action is taken, Catholics are going to have to endure this sordid filth being exposed day by day.

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