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Thursday, February 28, 2019

SSPX Accuses Francis of Heresy on his act of apostasy at Abu Dhabi

 Bergoglio is also a false prophet who presumes to speak a word in the name of God to deceive and mislead many.

SSPX Accuses Francis of Heresy. As Far as I can tell, a "Document for Human Fraternity" that was intended to be spread throughout the world and bore the signature of Francis is a Public Act. No? So Francis is a Public Heretic or Public Apostate, No?

RadTrad Thomist 

I want to comment soon on the various statements that Michael Matt has made on the "situation" of the "crisis." However, before than we cannot let pass the just released statement by the SSPX on the apostasy of Francis at Abu Dhabi in which he signed a document which states that God willed the diversity of religions. Since this is a denial of the very essence of the Christian faith insofar as he is rejecting the whole purpose of the Church and the very idea of a unique Divine Revelation, originating with the preaching of the Incarnate Word and complemented by the revelation given to the Apostles by the Holy Ghost, I would argue that this is an act of apostasy. This act and such statements as "This is heresy" and "This is apostasy" should not be taking lightly. In fact, they must awaken us from our, perhaps, self-inflicted slumber. I believe this self-inflicted slumber, a spiritual melatonin, is daily administered by many of those who still hold out and hold the Catholic Faith as it has come down PRISTINE from the Apostles, the Fathers, the Popes and from the ocean of good priests and bishops that have served the Church and, hence, Jesus Christ in the past two centuries. What is the slumber? It is a dreamy feeling, that we are still in the 50s, in which we can act as if things are relatively normal and that there is a huge institution filled with well-meaning faithful who maybe be deceived on a few points --- general "liberals" --- but who, if they knew how "nice" it was in our group of faithful, would rush to embrace a better "form" of Catholicism than the one that they practice. Have we not heard the Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo compared to two trumpets, one silver and one brass, and if we are staging a great ceremony, which one would we want to have played? Such thinking was NEVER accurate and NEVER described the situation in the world which the faithful Catholic actually lives in now. 
If we are awake, what is the situation in which we find ourselves in? We are confronted with a world in which the presence of the Catholic Church --- in its real teaching and morals, and even cultural influence --- has disappeared. The whole of Christendom, a civilization which HAD AS ITS PRIMARY PURPOSE TO CENTER LIFE AROUND THE LIFE AND GRACE OF THE Catholic Church --- is gone. We find ourselves in a world totally indifferent to God, Jesus Christ, and the claims of the Catholic Church. Only the sexual escapades and crimes of clerics, whether validly or invalidly consecrated or ordained, are at the forefront of peoples' minds. 
This cultural, political, economic, and social disappearance of the Church "compliments" the wiping away of the reality of the Catholic Church in the "Declaration on Human Fraternity" and its substitution by a institution, with only an accidental relationship to the Catholic Church founded by Christ, which now denies its own doctrines, its own history, its own necessity, its own morals and promises to work for the world envisioned and demanded by every enemy that the Church has had in modern times. The institution, the parts that still stand, are being used to advance an anti-christ world that is an insult hurled into the face of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Master and King of All Men and Nations. 
How should faithful Catholics respond to this unprecedented situation? Let me wait until I comment on the latest from Michael Matt, longtime champion of "We can work this out, if we have our Latin Mass."

SSPX Superior: Abu Dhabi Declaration Is “House Built on Sand”

Francis' Abu Dhabi Declaration is a “house built on sand”, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X (SSPX), Father Davide Pagliarani wrote in a February 24 statement.

The text is co-signed by his assistants, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta and Father Christian Bouchacourt.

The declaration claims that the different religions are "willed by God". Pagliarani calls this an "impiety" despising the First Commandment.

He adds that it opposes the dogma that the Catholic religion is the only true religion. Pagliarani concludes that it is therefore a “heresy.”

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