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Monday, May 4, 2020

Bergoglio does not profess the same faith as Saint Monica

Bergoglio does not profess the Catholic faith; he denies the Catholic Creed; he denies all Catholic doctrine; that is why he does not profess the same faith as any Catholic saint. 

Saint Monica, was a kind mother but was not a coward, nor weak in character. 

If you are a Bergoglian, be coherent and do not celebrate Saint Monica's feast, because you cannot celebrate a Catholic saint and remain professing doctrines contrary to the Catholic faith.
She is a Catholic saint who did not accompany her son in the sin of concubinage, a woman who did not profess the heresy of religious indifferentism; and did not accompany Saint Augustine in the heresy of the false Manichean religion.  Instead, she kicked him out of her house so as not to listen to his blasphemies. She is one more saint whom the Bergoglian sect would attack as "fundamentalist" and would persecute for being "attached to traditions", she who was not surprised by the false bergoglian god of "surprise".

She deplored and, as I remember, warned me privately with great solicitude, "not to commit fornication; but above all things never to defile another man's wife." These appeared to me but womanish counsels, which I would have blushed to obey. Yet they were from thee, and I knew it not. I thought that thou wast silent and that it was only she who spoke. Yet it was through her that thou didst not keep silence toward me; and in rejecting her counsel I was rejecting thee -- I, her son, "the son of thy handmaid, thy servant."[St. Augustine Confessions - Book Two] 

 Saint Monica instead of accompanying Saint Augustine in sin and heresy, persecuted her son to correct him. She built a fasting and prayer barrier around him to protect him from our three enemies. She shed countless tears pleading with God to rescue his son from the slavery of sin. God took pity on her giving him the gift of conversion by sending Saint Ambrose as his mentor and thus making Saint Augustine into a great saint.

Jesus Christ preached the Gospel of repentance. It is necessary to repent of our sins and make amends for our lives in order to be saved. Jesus forgave the adulterous woman but made it a condition for her to sin no more. Those who persist in their sins reject Christ as their Redeemer. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord must turn away from evil.” 

True repentance is to cease from sin”  St. Ambrose 

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