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Friday, May 22, 2020

Francis Calls During Eucharist - And Phone Comes First (Video)

Jalostotitlán Father Miguel Domínguez, Jalisco, Mexico, was reading the gospel during a Eucharist when his mobile phone rang.

Instead of switching it off, he accepted the call immediately, nodded to the congregation, disappeared into the sacristy, and transmitted the phone-call via the microphone to everybody.

It turned out that he was talking to "Francis," reports VidaNuevadigital.com (May 21). The incident was recorded.

Shortly after, he returned, asked for applause for Francis, and continued reading the Gospel. Mexican media call Domínguez a friend of Francis.

In a serious Catholic Mass, a priest would obviously not have answered the phone, because there Christ comes first, not a phone.

 Bergoglio calls an old accomplice in the middle of Mass and it is evident that the call was staged, a set-up. 🤡🤡🤡The priest has the phone with him during Mass and in-front of him during the reading expecting a call. Bergoglio asks him questions like they had not spoken for a long time. The modernist priest lies in front of everyone when he replies that 'he was preparing to celebrate Mass' instead of saying that he was celebrating Mass. Here we can see these sacrileges are perfectly planned by Bergoglio and his accomplices.

When you read the description of this video makes you think the entire reason for the phone call was to Bless the congregation which couldn't be further from the truth. Everything about this call was a complete 'set-up'. The purpose of the phone call was to greet his old friend.
   🤡Why is this being recorded?  Why would the priest while doing the readings have his phone out and in-front of him?  Why does he just abandon the congreations without excusing himself?  Why does he lie to Jorge Mario Bergoglio saying he was preparring for Mass instead of in the middle of Mass?  This was never about 'Blessing' the congregation it was to show his power where his old friend would walk away from his flock during the heart of the Mass.  The ultimately message here was to say Bergoglio was more important than our Lord.

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