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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Mary Help of Christians and Padre Pio united to save a baby from a deadly virus

A Catholic family receives the arrival of their third child hopefully, but sadly he contracts a lethal virus. The newborn had three surgeries but the baby did not improve. Her desperate mother began to ask Padre Pio and the Virgin Mary for help, sure that they would listen. His parents could see him for only a few minutes during the day and through glass, a situation that further aggravated Silvia and her husband's pain. One day the Father went to visit his son with great sadness he sends him a kiss through the glass and goes to the exit door, looking down, and finds a stamp of the Virgin Mary Help of Christians. Something seemed strange because they always kept the hospital impeccably clean. He came back and asked a nurse to please put the stamp in the incubator where his son was. She kindly accepts your request. Upon leaving the hospital, the father felt an unusual serenity. He commented on what had happened to his wife and that same night she dreams of Padre Pio who, without speaking to her, only looked at her and smiled at her. The following day the parents were summoned by the doctors, who announced that their son had had inexplicably improved so much that in a few days he could be home with his other siblings.

The following year to thank Padre Pio for the miracle, the parents and the child went to visit the saint at San Giovanni Rotondo. When they arrive at the church, which is always full of the faithful; some volunteers without knowing them have them pass in front of all the people, to immediately arrive at the tomb of the saint.

At that moment an elderly Capuchin friar arrives, blesses the mother and takes the child in his arms saying: “Finally you brought me the child of the miracle, I thought I would never see him… and I would die without being able to give him a kiss and a special blessing. They made me wait so long, I was already worried. In any case, daughter, always pray and educate the child in the best possible way. He has a great mission in the world ”. Before saying goodbye, the friar gives the mother a medal, to put on the Child, asking him to never take it off, because he will always protect him throughout his life.

Arriving home the boy sees a stamp of Padre Pio, and begins to call him: "grandfather, grandfather." His mother affectionately explains that the man in the image was Padre Pio and not his grandfather, to which the boy corrected her: "No, it is the grandfather, grandfather Pio."

Fuente: “Il mio Papa”, Año 6, número 39, pag. 64-67

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