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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Biden, Pelosi Refuse to Condemn Storming of Catholic Church

Catholic Arena

The world has been stunned this weekend by violent images of supporters of Joe Biden storming a Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio.

The pro abortion extremists screamed obscenities into the face of the priest from the altar, assaulted a black man and then screamed into the face of a woman carrying her infant.

Joe Biden supporters yesterday stormed Mass in a Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio screaming obscenities about abortion

The mostly white women also physically assaulted a black security guard

A frightening insight into the coming 4 years pic.twitter.com/g1L5RzjgMh

— Catholic Arena (@CatholicArena) January 23, 2021

Such an event is almost unheard of in civilised countries, yet many media outlets refused to carry the story, lest it damage the credibility of their man in the White House.

After repeated badgering by Catholic Arena, pro Biden priest Fr. James Martin SJ (who has publicly backed Soros funded pro aborts carrying out similar attacks in Poland) eventually condemned what had happened.

The incendiary rhetoric of Biden and Nancy Pelosi has been blamed by many for fuelling this attack. These individuals chose the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade to carry out their hate attack, after weeks of Biden discussing it and stoking fears of its repeal. Nancy Pelosi meanwhile was criticised for a hate podcast with Hillary Clinton, where she told Catholics to be be happy with contraception since in her words ‘it prevented abortion’. These anti Catholic dog whistles are not uncommon from elitists such as Biden and Pelosi who, like Mary McAleese in Ireland, want a Catholicism that follows them.

The Democratic Party have had a vicious hatred for Catholics in the past decade. Barack Obama ordered spies to spy on Pope Francis prior to the 2013 conclave. Leaked emails also revealed that John Podesta and others were plotting to infiltrate the Catholic Church with fake lobby groups for Democrat positions on abortion. There were also emails that mocked Catholics, while touting spirit cooking and other such practices.

Biden and Pelosi have a responsibility, as nominal Catholics, to call their dogs off of attacking our places of worship. No other civilised country would permit this. We should not have to tolerate it. The fact that they refuse to condemn it tells us everything that we need to know about these people.

Remind people of Biden’s tacit support for these attacks the next time that you hear that ridiculous description of him as a ‘Devout Catholic’.


Biden supporters disrupt pro-life Mass at Ohio cathedral

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