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Friday, June 3, 2022

Holy Martyrs of Uganda Protectors against Homosexuality, paganism and Apostasy


The Holy Martyrs of Uganda were killed for not giving in to the impure desires of a homosexual king.

"They can burn our bodies but they cannot harm our souls."

They were beatified by SS Benedict XV in 1920.

They were canonized in 1964.

Roman Martyrology: Memory of the saints Carlos Lwanga and twelve companions, all of them between the ages of fourteen and thirty, who belonged to the court of young noblemen or to the guard corps of King Mwanga, of Uganda, and being neophytes or followers of the Catholic faith, for not giving in to the impure wishes of the monarch, died on Namugongo Hill, having their throats cut or burned alive († 1886).

Martyrs for defending their purity and faith:

Between 1885 and 1887, just beginning the new evangelization of black Africa, a hundred Ugandan Christians were sentenced to death by King Mwanga who had perverted himself with the vice of sodomy.

King Mwanga ordered to burn alive, torture, dismember, castrate and execute his servants who had become Christians in Uganda and who refused to give in to vice, they chose death rather than offend God.

They were martyred because consistent with their faith in Christ, they did not give in to the impure desires (of Sodomy -homosexuality) of the monarch, they were tortured and killed on the Namugongo hill in Uganda, on June 3, 1886, some beheaded and others burned alive . These are the names of those who were reported: Calos Lwanga, Mbaya Tuzinde, Bruno Seronuma, Santiago Buzabaliao, Kizito, Ambrosio Kibuka, Mgagga, Gyavira, Aquiles Kiwanuka, Adolfo Ludigo Mkasa, Mukasa Kiriwanvu, Anatolio Kiriggwajjo and Lucas Banabakintu. -

Political tyranny and homosexual lust are combined in the testimony of the Ugandan martyrs; they were martyred for defending the integrity of the faith and thus preserving the virtue of holy purity.

Acts 15:26

Men that have given their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Saint Charles Lwanga
Patron Saint of young Catholics in Africa

“It is as if you are pouring water on me. Please repent and become a Christian like me”.

-- Saint Charles Lwanga to his executioner

St. Charles Lwanga and Companions

Charles Lwanga was one of twenty-two Ugandan martyrs who were converted from paganism by the Society of Missionaries of Africa. Chief of the royal pages, Charles eventually became a moral leader: he protected the other pages from the immoral demands of the Babandan ruler, Mwanga, and instructed them in the Catholic Faith, even baptizing some of them. He inspired and encouraged his companions to remain chaste and to be faithful to God even through imprisonment and persecution.

Prayer to the Holy Martyrs of Uganda:
We entrust to you the young people of our time so that they know how to courageously defend their purity against all corrupters, and so that they never again allow themselves to be robbed of their Catholic faith by anyone.

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