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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Bergoglio affirms homosexual dissident Aaron Bianco in his perversion. Bianco is a gay activist who is in a same-sex pseudo-marriage


‘We need more people like you,’ Bergoglio told the dissident activist, who is in a same-sex pseudo-marriage.

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis told a homosexual activist and theology professor to continue in his efforts to make the Church more open to homosexual unions during a private visit in May.
Bianco teaches in the University of San Diego’s theology and religious studies department, and was in Rome giving a presentation on Catholics who identify as LGBT. He previously served as program outreach associate for heretical organization Call to Action, which supports same-sex “marriage.”

Only homosexuals welcome. In May, Francis received the homosex activist Aaron Bianco and encouraged him to continue sinning (LATimes.com, June 12).

Bianco who lives in a pseudo-marriage and calls himself "professor of moral theology" at San Diego University, was in Rome for a May 11-14 "theological" conference hosted, among other institutions, by the Dicastery for Laity. (He presented his paper and made it clear to the audience that he was a “gay man living in a committed relationship for 17 years.” Part of his presentation focused on LGBT couples who have lived in homosexual relationships while outwardly practicing as Catholics. He spoke of one lesbian couple who were said to have avoided attending Mass because they risked “the pain of being denied the Eucharist” due to the fact they lived in grave contravention to Church law. Bianco criticized priests and bishops who deny the Eucharist to Catholics who act on their same-sex attractions. “Eucharist is the pinnacle of God’s love and dwelling within us,” he told the conference. “Should we not find ways to bring all those in ‘irregular’ situations back to the Lord?” Actively participating in sinful sexual behaviour constitutes mortal sin according to the teachings of the Church...Bianco also made it clear that he wanted to work to change the Church. LifeSiteNews)

Bianco praised Francis for making the San Diego homosexualist Robert McElroy a cardinal. McElroy has hired Bianco as a diocesan homosex propagandist.

(In 2016, Bishop McElroy installed Bianco as pastoral associate at St. John the Evangelist Church in San Diego, where he led education programs and young adult and pastoral outreach ministry and hosted an “LGBT Bible study” group. Bianco was even identified as the point of contact for couples preparing for marriage and allegedly promoted dissident pro-LGBT group New Ways Ministry (NWM) before resigning amid backlash. Bianco also worked as the diocesan coordinator for “LGBT ministry.” LifeSiteNews)

Before meeting Francis, Bianco was told

• to take off his mask and show his face
• not to bow or genuflect
• not to kiss Francis' ring because this “makes him angry.”

With the usual equivocations, Bianco thanked Francis for promoting homosexualism in the Church ("everybody welcome"). Francis replied, “You need to continue that work because [homosexuals] need to feel welcome in the church, and we need more people like you.”

Robert McElroy inherited the gay subculture from his predecessor, the liberal Jesuit Cirilo Flores (Apostate Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego in California, a position he held from September 18, 2013, until his death on September 6, 2014). Cirilo was also an accomplice of Bergoglio. He personally supported the pseudo-gay identity and the practice of homosexuality.
Cirilo Flores covered up for pedophiles in the Orange Diocese.
Gerard O’Connell  wrote in the apostate Jesuit magazine-America Magazine on March 03, 2015: “Bishop McElroy is an American analogate of the late Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini,” according to an American prelate who knew both men well. The source, who preferred anonymity, described McElroy....

Bergoglio encourages apostate Aaron Bianco to continue spreading gender ideology in defiance of Divine Natural Law and against Catholic doctrine. But let us remember that this public apostasy of Bergoglio began in Argentina, that is why Bergoglio's elevation is invalid and null.

San Diego Union Tribune (MAY 16, 2021):
Bianco resigned, to the chagrin of San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy, who said at the time that there was “nothing Christian or Catholic about the hateful and vile people whose persecution of Aaron Bianco drove him from his ministry.”
In his farewell remarks at the evening Mass on Oct. 21, 2018
He  promised this: “I will never stop speaking for an inclusive church.”

As word got out, letters of encouragement from as far away as Australia flooded his mailbox. A Vatican official wrote him to say Pope Francis was praying for him.   

Bianco is an adjunct instructor at the University of San Diego. He teaches two theology courses at the Catholic school, a lower division class on introduction to Catholic studies and an upper division class on Jesus and justice.  

LGBTQ outreach ministries at St. John’s (a spokesman for that ministry says it continues there with no repercussions).

Emily is McElroy 's accomplice.

I participated in the San Diego Diocesan Synod on the Family and am one of the organizers of the Future of Faith series to empower Catholic women and youth in the Diocese to envision what it means to share our gifts with the church in a meaningful way. I also served on the USD Task Force on Clerical Sexual Abuse in 2018-2019.




 "Emily Reimer-Barry, an associate professor of Christian ethics at USD, sat in on Bianco’s talk.

The stories resonated with the audience, says Reimer-Barry, who delivered a paper on women in the church at the conference. “People see the humanity. Even I as a cisgender, heterosexual female can hear those stories and be moved....”

It was Reimer-Barry who urged Bianco to submit a proposal to speak at the conference. “I really thought that Aaron’s expertise and voice would contribute significantly to the conversation in Rome. I was not surprised when it did.”

Apostate Feminist Emily Reimer-Barry with liberal Jesuit deformation on Abortion: "Feminist theologians invite us to consider how the patriarchal structures of the magisterial church create blind spots in our own documents that prevent clerics from understanding the reproductive choices and struggles of everyday women in the pews"

Apostate Robert McElroy Defends Diocesan Employee in Same-Sex “Marriage”

 Bp. Robert McElroy, Allies Persecute Faithful San Diego Catholics (ChurchMilitant.com)

Bergoglio confirms 6 homosexual transvestite prostitutes in their perversion

Bergoglio maliciously takes them in a golden chariot along the path of final impenitence and opens the door to Hell for them. Instead of trying to get them to repent and forsake sin so they can be saved.

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