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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Bergoglio affirms 6 homosexual transvestite prostitutes in their perversion

Bergoglio promotes the acceptance of homosexuality and the abomination of transgenderism, in defiance of Catholic morality and in rejection of God's Law. 

The unrepentant transvestite homosexuals join Bergoglio in his rebellion against God.


After his June 22 Audience, the Argentinean pro-gay activist Jorge Mario Bergoglio, (who pretends to be Pope), met six transvestites – one Italian and five foreigners.

According to FanPage.it (June 23), A. Nobile, the only Italian of the group, a prostitute, said after the meeting that “it was emotional, we felt welcomed without prejudice.” Francis reserves his prejudices for Catholics. Most of the transvestites in Rome are prostitutes.

(Bergoglio maliciously profane the Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.)
 For Nobile, the meeting was of a “strong symbolic value” since it took place during “the month of Pride.”  It was organised by French Sister Genevier who lives in an amusement park near Rome. She warned Bergoglio that she would show up with more than one man. “Bring them all,” Francis replied who let Cardinal Zen, 90, wait in vain in the rain.

Nobile, 43, introduced himself to Bergoglio , “I am an transgender girl”.

“Francis replied that he did not care who I was, that we have only one Father,” Nobile recounted, confirming that Francis confirmed him in mortal sin, “Go and sin more.”

TIA: When the (homosexual transvestite) gave the (Pro Gay) book (The Invisible Girl – La Bambina Invisible –)  to Francis, "he [Bergoglio] took it and told me, 'Brave girl, you did well writing your story.' Then, he recommended that I always be myself and not to let myself be impressed by prejudices of the Church. ... I felt myself welcomed, taken by the hand and embraced."
The (homosexual transvestite) explained to Fanpage what happened during the audience: "We met with a sister and a priest at the Vatican who are part of the National TRANSition Group of LGBT+ Christians – a project of La Tenda di Gionata. The Pope received each one of us and I was the first. To give him my book was a dream come true."
Bergoglio's Apostasy in action

He continued: "He [the Pope] did not want me to kneel, he held my hand and when I presented myself as a transgender girl he responded that he did not care who I was, that we all have one Father, as if he wanted to tell me, 'you are my sister.'"

TIA: What can we say to characterize this new barrier broken by Bergoglio? We see him blessing the sins against nature – homosexuality and the abomination of transgenderism – as if they were normal activities. How can we not think of the "man of sin" described by St. Paul (2 Thes 2) when addressing the Great Apostasy?

Between Jorge Bergoglio and them there is a great similarity because Jorge is a heretic who pretends to be Pope and they are men who pretend to be women.

Bergoglio maliciously and obstinately promotes a demonic anti-doctrine in defiance of Divine Natural Law and in contradiction to the immutable teachings of the Catholic Church.

In Argentina Jorge Bergoglio promoted sacrilegious communion for homosexual couples and adulterers (for example, he allowed sacrilegious communion and the desecration of the sacraments of the transvestite Roberto Trinidad and his homosexual partner), supported civil unions for homosexual couples and homosexual adoptions. The Magisterium of the Church decreed in perpetuity that the elevation of a heretic is invalid and null.

We repeat it again: Bergoglio's Apostasy has its roots in Argentina.

Leonardo Boff: "Pope Francis is much more liberal than what is supposed." "A couple of months ago, for instance, he expressly approved that a homosexual couple adopt a child. He is in touch with priests who have been repudiated by the official church because they got married. And, most importantly, he did not let himself be separated from his conviction that we must be on the side of the poor," the former priest says. 

In his Marxist class struggle Bergoglio singles out unrepentant sinners as "poor" and the Church and God as the "oppressors".

Note that Marxist apostate former priest Leonardo Boff gave this interview outlining Bergoglio's agenda less than a week after his invalid election.
"He now is the pope and he can do whatever he wants. Many will be surprised with what Francis will do. In order to do this, a rupture with traditions will be needed, to leave behind the corrupt Vatican curia to give way to a universal church," Boff said in an interview published by German magazine Der Spiegel.

That is why the language of this sect is Marxist and acquires a new opposite meaning. The "corrupt vatican Curia" or "sect" is designated as the Catholic Church.

Therefore, according to this apostate sect, it is the Church that must 'repent' and apologize to homosexuals and accept them in their sin, and it is not the homosexuals who must repent. That is to say that this demonic sect eliminates God and the Law of him. And the false Pope Bergoglio takes the place of a pseudo-messiah who frees them from God and his Law.
Marxist liberation theology to supplant Christianity gives it a whole new and false interpretation.
For this Marxists, the "poor" is not the humble, the one who trusts in God, it is far from being the one presented to us by Holy Scripture. The problem is their Marxist ideological concept of "poor." 
"When it comes to understanding what the Eucharist is. For them, the Eucharist is no longer the sacrament that refers us to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and his Resurrection, but rather a moment in which the oppressed people become aware of their oppression and their liberating struggle. The Eucharist becomes a moment of ideological awareness." That is why we see this sect replacing the Eucharist with the Eucharistic sacrilege.
They also adulterate the concept of Sin.
In 1991, the heretical Jesuit Jon Sobrino defined sin as unjust social structure, or "that which deals death." Examples of sinners for him were oligarchies, multi-national corporations, various armed forces and "virtually every government."

 Edward A. Lynch: Liberationists believe that unliberated societies are so severely divided that revolutionary upheaval, and a purge of the ruling class, is absolutely necessary.  Reconciliation theology, however, insists that Christianity requires openness, and even love, for people of all social classes, and all classes of sinfulness.

The apostate James Martin sharing a tweet of his Marxist leader.

"I'll tell you something funny: the great persecuted, Gustavo Gutiérrez, the Peruvian, celebrated Mass with me ", Francis

Marxist liberation theology changes the whole interpretation of Christianity. Liberation Theology by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger:
I The concept of liberation theology and its origins and preconditions
These preliminary remarks have brought us right to the heart of the subject, without, however, dealing with the central question: what is liberation theology?
Initially we said that liberation theology intends to supply a new total interpretation of the Christian reality; it explains Christianity as a praxis of liberation and sees itself as the guide to this praxis. However, since in its view all reality is political, liberation is also a political concept and the guide to liberation must he a guide to political action:
"Nothing lies outside ... political commitment. Everything has a political color." A theology that is not "practical"; i.e., not essentially political, is regarded as "idealistic" and thus as lacking in reality, or else it is condemned as a vehicle for the oppressors' maintenance of power.
A theologian who has learned his theology in the classical tradition and has accepted its spiritual challenge will find it hard to realize that an attempt is being made, in all seriousness, to recast the whole Christian reality in the categories of politico-social liberation praxis. This is all the more difficult because many liberation theologians continue to use a great deal of the Church's classical ascetical and dogmatic language while changing its signification. As a result, the reader or listener who is operating from a different background can gain the impression that everything is the same as before, apart from the addition of a few somewhat unpalatable statements, which, given so much spirituality, can scarcely be all that dangerous.

“Sex Change”: Biological Impossibility and Revolt Against God - TFP.org

Child abuse: Bergoglio's nun promoter of Transvestism in Argentina endorses "trans children"

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