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Friday, January 26, 2024

Evil Bergoglio Corrupts Young People

 The Didache, or Teaching of the Twelve Apostles: Thou shalt not corrupt youth

Depraved Bergoglio Maliciously Promoted Marxist Gender Ideology to Corrupt Young People in Anti-Catholic Disney Documentary

Bergoglio attacks those who use the Bible to justify excluding LGBT persons from the Church: "These people are infiltrators who take advantage of the Church for their personal passions, for their personal narrow-mindedness. It is one of the corruptions of the Church."

We know that those who infiltrated the seminaries of the Catholic Church are homosexuals, Marxists and Freemasons.

Francis' Disney+ Pornofex documentary with ten anti-Catholic activists Among those present was a Colombian online prostitute who produces "adult content" and talked about pornography and masturbation. Francis followed the conversation among the ten chosen activists talking about "benefits of masturbation."  Referring to homosexuals, Francis said, “I don’t have the right to expel anyone from the Church,” adding that “my job is to receive, always.”

Breitbart: The Walt Disney Company has come under fire for sexually grooming young people, a practice that Disney officials have publicly admitted.



The Catholic Church has repeatedly condemned communism as “satanic” and “intrinsically perverse” (Pius XI, Encyclical Divini Redemptoris).

By Paul Krause/ Crisis Magazine

The gender revolution is fundamentally Marxist. Whether people are consciously aware of it or not, the root of gender ideology is Marxist, and its gambit is the construction of the egalitarian society through the obliteration of the division of gender. And the gender revolution is another prong in the full-throated attack on the family.


The genus of inequality, the division of labor, is “the division of labor in the sexual act.” It is this division of labor in the sexual act that recognizes the distinction between male and female, which establishes the consciousness of division from which all later divisions of labor and growing inequality flow. If the sexual act and the division between genders is the very root of all inequality, the only means by which this inequality can be negated is through the androgenization of human nature, wherein the sexual difference between man and woman is abolished.

Read More at Crisis Magazine.

“Let’s Call Out Dirty Old Men Again”

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