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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Fernandez Echoes Occultists on "Mystical Power of Sex"

17 Jan 24, Jesus 911: Top Cardinal Echoes Occultists on "Mystical" Power of Sex (rumble.com)

The Perfect destroyer of the Faith imagines a minor having a SEXUAL adventure with "Jesus" and the Virgin Mary watching with approval.
⚠️The Vatican's perversion comes to light after the revelation of an erotic story about Jesus written by a cardinal who blesses the LGBT community. - CHRISTIAN NEWS (bibliatodo.com)

If we look in detail at the Curriculum Vitae of this DEPRAVED heretic "Tucho" whose blasphemous writings demonstrate that he had violated his vows of chastity, we see how Bergoglio helped him ascend to positions of importance within the Church in Argentina even though he had been investigated by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith for "not hold the Church's vision of homosexuals" and for covering up pedophile priests, beginning with covering up the pedophile Juan Carlos Maccarone at the UCA in complicity with Bergoglio.

Víctor "Tucho" Fernández: "They even told me that I did not support the Church's vision of homosexuals"

Tucho: When I told him no, at first, he told me "I want to reconfigure it, think about it carefully."

La Nacion: “What I expect from you is undoubtedly something very different”
“not control or condemn”, as the Holy Office did in the past. Furthermore, he asked him not to deal with the issue of abuse – as another section of that “ministry” does – but rather to concentrate on the theological area that needs development and on the promotion of thought.

Archbishop Fernández previously argued in favor of condom use, contradicting Catholic doctrine

Müller: Vatican investigated Fernández's homosexual activism

Gloria TV News:

Cardinal Müller has confirmed that the CDF had a file of concerns about Archbishop Fernández, whom Francis appointed to head that office (NcRegister.com, July 6).

This was in 2009, when Buenos Aires Cardinal Bergoglio appointed Father Fernández rector of the "Catholic" University of Argentina. Only in 2011 did Cardinal Levada, then head of the CDF, confirm the appointment.

Fernández told NcRegister.com that the accusations were “not of great weight” and were resolved after an exchange of letters. The main allegation at the time concerned Fernández’s homosexualism.

Müller said that Fernández sent a letter “promising to do better” which Müller said was a common tactic in such situations to dispel doubts.

Tell Cardinal Fernández to resign after discovery of pornographic book he wrote! | LifePetitions

Bishop accountability group asks to investigate Víctor Manuel Fernández for covering up the pedophile priest Eduardo Lorenzo - who was Grassi's confessor

BishopAccountability.org calls out to investigate Víctor Manuel Fernández for covering up the pedophile priest Eduardo Lorenzo- Grassi's confessor.

Bishop Accountability. Org Says Víctor Fernández with troubling record on covering up homosexual abuse  “should have been investigated, not promoted to one of the highest posts in the global church.”

"Tucho"  Fernández : "More than a friend, I am Bergoglio's son. His words have marked me for the rest of my life"

Cdl. Fernández says Pope Francis knew about his orgasms book before making him doctrine chief - LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

The Associated Press on Fernández's blasphemous Pro Gay "orgasm book": Its explicitness suggests at least familiarity with sex and orgasm that would seem uncommon for a celibate priest 

Archbishop Fernández defends controversial book “Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing.” as ‘catechesis for teens’

The Virgin of La Salette warned that perverse men, lovers of sin, lovers of carnal pleasures and not of God, would infiltrate the seminaries. That they would become bad priests who, because of their bad life, irreverence, impiety and love of money, honors and sexual pleasures, the Virgin called sewers of impurity.

She warned that they became the leading leaders of the people and because they had "neglected prayer and penance, and the devil has obscured their intelligence.

"Many will abandon the Faith and a large number of priests and religious will depart from the true religion; among these people there will even be Bishops.

And she warned that: "Many religious houses will completely lose faith and lose many souls.

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