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Monday, August 6, 2018

Apostate Bishop Poli profanes the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires by approving gay adoptions by his desacralizing the sacrament of baptism converting it to a GAY RIGHT and the recognition of homosexual unions, artificial insemination and surrogate pregnancy approval

Instrumentum Laboris in Buenos Aires Argentina. 

Cardinal Pell: “Communion for the divorced and remarried ....” – it’s only the tip of the iceberg, it’s a stalking horse. They want wider changes, recognition of civil unions, recognition of homosexual unions”

A sin of simony where the famous homosexuals and rich argentineanss like Flavio Mendoza or Roberto Trinidad (Flor de la V) not only buy children manufactured but also favors for the apostate hierarchy in Buenos Aires Argentina.

Poli is the  successor of Jorge Mario Bergoglio

The apostate Mario Aurelio Poli received the pallium from Bergoglio in Rome on 29 June 2013. Bergoglio created him as ´Cardinal-Priest´ on 22 February 2014. [ And assigned the titular church of San Roberto Bellarmino, whose previous occupant was Bergoglio, also from the see of Buenos Aires. 

On 19 February 2014 he was appointed a member of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches and Pontifical Council for the Laity

And there are wicked women who, for money, lend themselves to this abhorrent perversion that they sell their soul to the devil, putting their bodies at the service of the gay lobby.

It says Sirach 10, 9: But nothing is more wicked than the covetous person, and then (v.10) is added: There is not a more wicked thing than to love money: for such a one setteth even his own soul to sale.

b) Concerning Unions of Persons of the Same Sex
Civil Recognition
An Evaluation of the Particular Churches (113-115)
Some Pastoral Guidelines (116-119)
The Transmission of the Faith to Children in Same Sex Unions (120)

As you can see the apostate Jorge Bergoglio had already implemented in Argentina his heretical Instrumentum Laboris & Amoris Laetitia.

In Argentina Bergoglio supported gay adoptions and sacrilegiously relegated the sacrament of baptism to a gay right and criticized priests who opposed him

Bergoglio's background shows his real motive is to promote  sacrilegious baptisms in support of gay adoptions and recognition of homosexual unions. He himself introduced the Instrumentum Laboris in the pro- Gay anti-family pseudo synod.
La Nación:"The Church (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) had already granted the baptism to the twins of the popular transsexual actress Florencia de la V and her (his) 'husband', (he)she being the first person who accepted the gender identity law that gave (his)her documents as a woman."

St. Augustine warned that: Baptism, which is a blessing for believers, becomes a curse for heretics.

Baptism is "a sign given by Jesus Christ to the faithful, just as the Antichrist will give his followers the sign of the beast" (St. Hippolytus).

Bergoglio who has denied the original sin and the Christian meaning of baptism by claiming that he would baptize an expedition of Martians if they ask for it. Now he calls priests who do not baptize extramarital children "ANIMALS".

Bergoglio is abusing the sacrament of baptism and mistreating as if it were a right and not a privilege for those who repent and become Christians.  It is a privilege that extends to the children of Christians and his household  according to the promises of the Holy Spirit conformable to the Scripture. 

In Argentina Bergoglio supported gay adoptions and insulted and persecutedArgentine priests who opposed the sacrilege of imparting the sacrament of baptism supporting gay adoptions.  Because the Church requires that children receive a Catholic education which is impossible in environments of child corruption, for which the Sodomites would have to separate, repent or deliver the children to their Christian relatives to receive a Catholic education; otherwise the child has to wait  until  reach the age of reason and by himself request to be baptized fulfilling the necessary requirements for a valid Christian baptism.

 Bergoglio disguised his support for gay adoptions hiding behind the argument of wanting baptism for extramarital children.  This was in reproach to the priests who opposed committing a sacrilege baptism for children made in the laboratory by the transvestite Roberto Trinidad and his gay partner; because Roberto appeared in his baptism party as a man and in his new Argentine identity document as a woman. Bergoglio allowed the sacrilege of baptism by violating the requirements of the code of canon law for a valid baptism plus he allowed the gay couple to be given sacrilegious communion. But in reality, Bergoglio is not interested in the sacrament of baptism, in fact he is not interested in baptizing the children of the Muslims or the children of any pagans or their parents because he does not seek the conversion of any of them.

"Those who are Christians with the Bible and those who are Muslims with the Koran, with the faith you have received from your fathers. There is one single God, the same God".

Bergoglio worships the Muslims in Bangladesh: “The presence of God today is also called 'Rohingya'”

If a priest really wants to save one of these children, the first thing he has to do is remove them from the immediate danger and do everything possible to get that child out of that wicked environment that will destroy both his body and soul.   

 The Sodomites pervert the children, that's why in Sodom and Gomorrah no children were saved. The Scriptures tell us that from the youngest to the eldest they wanted to rape the angles that came to and stayed in the house of Lot.

Bergoglio appointed as a bishop a priest who supports gay adoptions, who profanes and instrumentalize children baptism as a right for gays and gave sacrilegious communion to gay couples.

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  1. L'apostata successore di Bergoglio, Mario Aurelio Poli, ha profanato la cattedrale di Buenos Aires Argentina, sostiene le adozioni omosessuali, desacralizza il sacramento del battesimo riducendolo a un diritto gay e riconosce le unioni omosessuali , surrogazione gestazione.

    Ha ricevuto il pallio da Bergoglio a Roma il 29 giugno 2013. Bergoglio lo ha creato come "prete-cardinale " il 22 febbraio 2014.

    [E assegnato la chiesa titolare di San Roberto Bellarmino, il cui precedente occupante era Bergoglio, anche dalla sede di Buenos Aires.

    Il 19 febbraio 2014 è stato nominato membro della Congregazione per le Chiese Orientali e del Pontificio Consiglio per i Laici.

    Il cardinale Pell ha detto che "la comunione per i divorziati risposati è solo la punta dell'iceberg, il cavallo di Troia" Loro "vogliono cambiamenti più ampi, il riconoscimento delle unioni civili, il riconoscimento delle unioni omosessuali"

    I sodomiti pervertono i bambini, per questo a Sodoma e Gomorra non sono stati salvati bambini. Ognuno ci dice la Scrittura dal più vecchio al più giovane che volevano violentare gli angoli che erano rimasti nella casa di Lot.

    Se un prete vuole davvero salvare uno di questi bambini, la prima cosa che deve fare è eliminarli dal pericolo immediato, deve sottrarlo a Sodoma e deve fare tutto il possibile per liberare quel bambino da quell'ambiente malvagio che finirebbe per distruggere così tanto il tuo corpo come la tua anima.

    Osserva come questi stessi preti apostati che promuovono la pratica della sodomia non sono interessati ai musulmani, agli eretici o alle false religioni e ai loro figli convertiti e battezzati in modo da poter essere salvati.


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