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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bergoglio abandoned the Catholic faith in Argentina

Boff:  You are in for a real surprise about what Francis will do. But this will require the breaking of traditions. 

Apostasy: Bergoglio's Amoris Laetitia in Argentina August 25, 2012


Boff: Yes. For example, a few months ago he explicitly permitted a homosexual couple to adopt a child. He kept in touch with priests who were expelled from the official church because they had gotten married. And no one could ever persuade him to change his position, which was: we have to be on the side of the poor, even if it means opposing the powerful.

The apostates, heretics, idolaters, sodomites, homosexual predators, fornicators, adulterers are the 'new poor'  of cultural Marxism and God (the Holy Trinity)
and the moral teaching of the Catholic Church are the 'powerful' against whom Bergoglio fight.

Gay activist Yayo Grassi, Bergoglio'former student said that he owes Bergoglio his open and progressive thinking.

Bergoglio “contradict truths that are divinely revealed, and that Catholics must believe with the assent of divine faith.”

Bergoglio continues losing credibility.

George Neumayr January 6, 2019, 12:01 am

What a debacle, but an entirely predictable one, given this pope’s penchant for permissiveness. Had the cardinals shown even a modicum of interest in his governance of the Buenos Aires archdiocese before electing him, they would have known of his enormous laxity — his practice of surrounding himself with deviants, promoting them to positions of power and influence, and then visiting some of them in exile after their shocking lapses became too well known.

Pope Francis biographer Paul Vallely has written approvingly of that latter practice, noting Bergoglio’s visits to Jeronimo Jose Podesta, a bishop booted from the Church during Bergoglio’s time in Argentina: “Bergoglio visited the ostracized bishop on his deathbed and gave him the last rites. He then ensured that the man’s widow, Clelia Luro, and her children were provided for — even though she was a feminist as radical as was imaginable on the Catholic spectrum, who used to celebrate mass with her husband.”

A pope, whose signature line is “Who am I to judge?,” was embarrassingly ill-equipped to handle a burgeoning abuse scandal. Prelates in the mold of McCarrick and Zanchetta saw his musings on “mercy” as a green light to pedal back to power, which Pope Francis was only too happy to hasten. He appears to have regarded their predation as a mere peccadillo, if even that. Recall his creepy joshing with McCarrick, to whom he joked that the “bad ones, never die” and that his advanced age was due to the Devil not having McCarrick’s “accommodations ready” yet.

All of this makes his letter to the U.S. bishops this week even more suspicious. The letter is clotted with rationalizing jargon and odd rebukes, to the point where it is obvious that he is not asking for any real action on the abuse scandal but continued passivity. As usual, he implies that the few bishops who care are the villains — “finger-pointing” agents of “dispersion and division,” as if faked-up collegial unity is a greater priority than robust truth-telling in the midst of a scandal on this scale. The letter is notable only for its windiness and emptiness. It of course contains no acknowledgment of the root cause of the crisis — decades of homosexual infiltration at the highest levels of the Church and throughout the priesthood — and much blather about the “cure being worse than the disease,” which is nothing more than a plea for business as usual. He goes on and on about “paradigmatic” shifts and so forth but never mentions the most obvious solutions to ending predation and restoring credibility to the Church — such as, stop promoting predators at the Vatican.

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