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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Cupich Celebrates Gay Crucifix in a gay Friendly Parish

Gay Friendly church: Cardinal Cupich Celebrates Gay Crucifix

en.news Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich, USA, published on Twitter the picture of a gay-themed crucifix.

The photo was taken on July 28 during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Parish St. Martha in Morton Grove.

It shows Cupich presiding a New Rite Eucharist, surrounded by four co-presiders. Behind Cupich on the wall is the crucifix.

It has the shape of the Saint Francis crucifix in Assisi and was produced by the self-declared homosexual Franciscan Brother Robert Lentz.


Lenz painted on the crucifix a muscular naked man, gliding through the outer space towards the view so that only his head, torso and arms are visible. Behind him is the Milky Way and a dark demon with outstretched hands.


Lentz called his crucifix "The Dance of Creation." The demon he interprets as wisdom which "dances and sings playfully in the background." 

St Martha church in Morton Grove IL is in the list of LGBTQ-Friendly Parishes of the homosexual dissidents group

 New Ways Ministry

The 21 gay icons was Commissioned by local apostate parish priest Dennis O'Neill. The painters of gay blasphemous icons are William Hart McNichols, Lewis Williams, and Robert Lentz.
The apostate  priest Dennis O'Neill has corrupted for many years people with same-sex attraction confirming them in their vice of Sodomy.
 The sodomite O'Neill is the author of the gay book: "Passionate Holiness: Marginalized Christian Devotions for Distinctive People". Many of the gay icons are in his book, where he mixes sacrilegiously photos of the relics of the Saints with his gay 'queer' saints.

The sodomita Dennis O'Neill is in charge of the gay friendly church St Martha in Morton Grove IL and Shrine of All Saints at St. Martha Church. 

The sacrilege and blasphemer Gay book profanely mixes photos of the relics that the desecrated church has it.


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