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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New Book: Pope Benedict is the One and Only Pope, and Bergoglio is the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist

The last "piece" missing from the famous Fatima prophecy

This book, of its kind, is certainly unique; and intended to arouse long and intense discussions between those who reflect on the role of the Pontiff, and the singular historical anomaly we are experiencing. We leave the word to the author, to try to explain the meaning of his creature. Sergio Russo talks about himself in the third person presentation.

“The Author starts from a thesis, so simple, as today forgotten in the contemporary Catholic Church, and that is that the body-church can have only one and only head (visible) at its top, otherwise, that same” body “, if have more than one “boss” (and here it does not matter if one is “emeritus” or whatever) said “body” would obviously be a monstrosity!
How fundamental and indispensable it is for the Catholic Church to absolutely have a univocal successor to Peter, is demonstrated, without a shadow of a doubt, by two millennia of ecclesial history.
In 2013, Benedict XVI, after his sensational “renunciation” (the seventh, which occurred throughout the entire history of the Church), retired to “private life”, but did not return to being Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, but inexplicably, he continues to wear white (the only prerogative reserved for the Vicar of Christ alone), to keep his papal coat of arms, to still sign himself with the papal name, etc.
While instead, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, newly elected and assuming the name of Francis, he declares to the world to be “simply” the new Bishop of Rome, arrived there from the “end of the world” …
Both of them (in spite of themselves perhaps?) Are in reality making the most incredible and enigmatic Marian prophecies, together with those of numerous Catholic mystics and saints, all of whom refer to the so-called “last times” of the world and of the Church above all, in which speaks both of the Holy Father (and Benedict XVI has remained substantially so), as well as of a “Bishop dressed in white” (and unexpectedly this is how Pope Bergoglio defined himself, on the centenary of the Apparitions of Fatima, in Portugal, on the 13th May 2017), both characters who, according to the now known visions of Blessed Anna Caterina Emmerich, would have ruled – in our times, dramatically confused and tragically perverse – one, the Catholic Church of all time, while the other, one would placed at the head of a “new Church: large, strange and extravagant”, this church, which would instead have as its main objective, the reunification of all confessions Christians (Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants and sects of various kinds and titles), at the tragic price, however, of apostasy from the true Faith!
However, the author does not stop there, for he identifies in the “Bishop dressed in white”, the biblical figure of the so-called “false prophet” (also called “beast of the earth”), masterfully described in the most enigmatic Book of Christian Revelation: l ‘Apocalypse.
And this unusual (as well as unpublished) juxtaposition, the Author does it taking inspiration from a “particular” that, at first glance, might seem irrelevant: that false prophet in fact, seems to be “like a lamb, with two horns, which however speak like a dragon “.
Why a “lamb”? And what are those “two horns”?
The solution is provided by an “explanation” that the Madonna herself (obviously for those who believe, but the “whole” is remarkably coherent in itself), revealed to a charismatic priest: don Stefano Gobbi, founder of the “Mariano Sacerdotal Movement”, currently widespread in the five continents.
There is therefore a “conclusion” underlying this book, which the author intends to launch as a “lifesaver” to the many contemporary Catholics, lost and bewildered by the current pontificate: “courage – he seems to say – above souls, everything this had already been predicted … ». It therefore follows that Jesus Christ is truly the Lord: the absolute master of human history and of the destinies of the world and of his church, and nothing escapes from his hands! Therefore, to us faithful believers, however, there remains a very specific duty – which is then that famous “final test”, destined to shake the faith of many believers, and which is spoken of in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “… an apparent solution to their problems, at the price of apostasy from the truth! “- that is, the duty to remain faithful to the true Gospel, at the cost of one’s life, since even” if someone preached to you, even an angel, a gospel different from the one you received, be anathema. As for you, dear friends, persevere firm in the Faith! “.

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