"It is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action"
(Council of Vienne)


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

In 2017 Bergoglio promoted the book of the gay activist nun, Mónica Astorga Cremona, who does militancy in favor of the gay 'gender identity law' of Argentina

More than 10 years ago the leftist nun Mónica Astorga Cremona who is a gay activist met a group of activist homosexual prostitutes who disguise themselves as women. She decided to collaborate with them so the society forcebly  accepted them as trans-women in society, so that they could receive State and Church economic aid.  She thought that transvestites would create a Gay NGO “Vidas Escondidas”  “Hidden Lives” that is dedicated to claiming rights as trans-women, demanding help from the government and being gay activists. They promote gender ideology, they participate in gay pride marches, they promote the change of sex in children and the transgenderism in children.

Pro Gay Book «Acariciar las Heridas: La Carmelita que ayuda a transexuales»

The Pro Gay politician Hernán Rossi pushed a bill to promote the gay book using support from Bergoglio.

Exp. 888-d-2017 – Declarese de interes cultural al libro «Acariciar las heridas»

Exp. 888-d-2017 - Declare as a cultural interest the book «Cherish the wounds»
Hernán Rossi wrote in his Bill: An important adhesion (to the book) is that of Jorge Bergoglio, prior to becoming Pope because  he closely followed Monica's work. (Bergoglio) has never lost contact with her. In her book she cites a series of Bergoglio's responses via email.

Jorge Lopez with the Travesti who legally changed his male identity for 'Luisa Paz' in Argentina.

The gay activist Mónica Astorga Cremona is also the co-author of the Gay book: «El niño homosexual en la escuela primaria y en la Biblia».
"The Homosexual Child in Primary School and in the Bible".

The apostate nun Mónica Astorga  with the Apostate Priest Sergio Lamberti and the apostate former Priest Ariel Álvarez Valdéz

Bergoglio has been supporting the gay activist nun since 2009.

Travesti Lujan Acuña president of the Gay NGO “Vidas Escondidas”: Our militancy has allowed us ‘to reach her (Mónica Astorga) so she can help us.

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