"It is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action"
(Council of Vienne)


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

In Oct 2012, de la Cigoña denounced Bergoglio and his gay clergy ally for sinking the Argentine episcopate to moral misery

The Spanish Church Historian Francisco de la Cigoña  called the episcopacy in Argentina of Bergoglio and Juan Rubén Martínez an institutional S**t,  a manure episcopal

Francisco de la Cigoña  wrote in October 8, 2012 in his article:
“Once again exemplary Catholics and institutional S**t” 

«Of the unpresentable rector and the deplorable bishop I find no text to apply except those referred to Judas.
The Argentine Church has to get out of that immense moral misery in which its current episcopacy has sunk. One of the most shameful of the Church today. For their bishops, they deserve to have their cathedrals burned while they get muddy with lovers and chaperos. I know that this is not generalizable to everyone, fortunately, but it is not an unprecedented case either. And the love of the lovers and hidden is much more general. Bergoglio monstrat. With fagots and vergallís »

«Del impresentable rector y del deplorable obispo no encuentro texto que aplicarles salvo los referidos a Judas.
La Iglesia argentina tiene que salir de esa inmensa miseria moral en la que le ha hundido su actual episcopado. Uno de los más vergonzosos de la Iglesia de hoy. Por sus obispos merecería que les quemaran sus catedrales mientras ellos se enfangan con amantes y chaperos. Sé que esto no es generalizable a todos, afortunadamente, pero tampoco es caso inédito. Y los amores a los amados y chapados es bastante más general. Bergoglio monstrat. Con maricones y vergallís. »

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