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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bergoglio Jumps on Boff's Bandwagon: Coronavirus is Pachamama’s Revenge

In his interview during a Spanish TV show, Francis shelved God with the words, “God forgives always.”

Then he went on with the real stuff, “Nature [Mother Earth, Pachamama] never forgives. Fires, earthquakes... nature is kicking us into taking care of nature." This theory was earlier spread by the defrocked priest Leonardo Boff.

Francis confessed having “a lot of hope” [not in God] but in “humanity”, “men” “women,” and “peoples.”

Asked about “what would you say to those who have lost a loved one?” he replied, "The last thing I would do is tell them anything.” He would make them “feel my [cosy] closeness.”

The show interviewed Francis among many others, including housewives and cleaners. His trivial replies fit in well with the rest.

Bergoglio thinks as a pagan who considers the earth as a living goddess, as a living being who acts of it own ´free will´ independent of the Will of God:
In 2014 he stated: “The earth never forgives. Take care of mother earth so that she does not respond with destruction”. 

Father Paul Kramer 2 September 2016: «Last 1 June, "Pope" Francis blasphemously professed divine attributes to the pagan goddess, "Mother Earth". He is a heathen pantheist.

"We all like mother Earth, because it is she who gave us life and protects us" - Jorge "Francis" Bergoglio
JORGE BERGOGLIO (a.k.a. "Pope" Francis) -- PANDEIST PAGAN:
Bergoglio is an infidel. He is a pandeist who does not believe in the transcendent God and Creator of Catholicism, but in the immanent 'divine principle' of Paganism, the life giving world soul (anima mundi) within the universe. His creed is remarkably like a synthesis of the belief systems of Lord Shaftsbury, Friedrich Schleiermacher,  Benedict Spinoza, Auguste Compte, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He says atheists can be saved (no need for faith in God), he says the souls of the damned do not suffer eternal punishment. The damned souls, according to Bergoglio, will be annihilated. His doctrine on marriage is entirely circumscribed by Naturalism, denying the supernatural sacramentality of Holy Matrimony.

COVID-19 is ‘a cry from God’ because of abortion, euthanasia and sexual diversity: Bishop of Cuernavaca

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