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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Homosexual Predator Theodore McCarrick ´ordained´ homosexualist Daniel P. Horan

Toronto Catholic Witness:

Theodore McCarrick - once the highest ranking Prelate in the Hierarchy of the United States - spent decades abusing young men, de facto raping seminarians, engaging in countless homosexual acts. McCarrick was (is) part of a decades old, highly organized, international ring of extremely powerful, wealthy and high ranking Prelates in the Catholic Church. McCarrick is but the tip of the homosexual iceberg. 

The question will soon be asked: how do these homosexual infiltrators interconnect with the Occult and the Satanic? 

We are dealing with extremely evil men. 

Men, who penetrated the Church as agents of Lucifer to destroy the Church from within. 

Let us be very clear: McCarrick's homosexual indulgences did not occur in isolation, but in coordination with a homosexual network that - according to many highly reliable sources - has handed over the Church in the United States to a cabal of militant homosexuals. Homosexuals who also control other hierarchies throughout the world, and have a very, very powerful foothold in the Vatican itself. Let us not forget, it was just over a year ago that Monsignor Luigi Capozzi organized a cocaine fuled, homosexual orgy in the Vatican. An orgy, which the Vatican spokesman, Greg Burke, for the Holy See Press Office, told Catholics the Vatican would neither confirm nor deny the  orgy. Capozzi has not been charged with drug trafficking, even though it is in the Vatican Penal Code. Why? Possibly they would see it as an implicit admission that something terrible did indeed take place. Incidentally, homosexual acts are not illegal in the Vatican. 

According to the late Fr. Malachi Martin, homosexuals make up 50-70% of clergy in the Church in the United States. Who am I to judge Fr. Martin's statistics? The late and much persecuted, Fr. John O'Connor warned over 30 years ago about the homosexual infiltration. He was not listened to, but expelled from his Order, and suspended. 

Let us now return to McCarrick. This depraved man, this Judas priest (yes, let us use that word!) also committed another horrendous crime against Christ and His Church: McCarrick ordained open dissenters to the priesthood. 

One such priest, is the notorious, militant homosexualist and dissenter Daniel P. Horan, OFM. 

I wrote about Horan's ordination by McCarrick in January of 2017: 

Catholics should consider how was possible that Theodore McCarrick ordained then "Brother" Horan, given that his dissenting essay was public, and re-published in Horan's first book (nothing like re-hashing old trash to make a few quick dollars). 
Reading this, one truly realizes the depth of the crisis in the Church, with Judas priests like Daniel P. Horan. I also highly recommend readers to Vox Cantoris for further revelations about this "Franciscan".

Horan has a long, long history of dissent and open support of homosexuality

For more about Horan, please read here, here and here.

Now, we know at least one reason why McCarrick ordained him.

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