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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Anti Pope Francis Blasts Traditional Catholics During Visit to Romania

by Church Militant  •    June 3, 2019  

Voices anti-populist themes, claims traditionalists are 'safeguarding ashes'

By Martina Moyski
Pope Francis is again slamming traditional Catholics, this time during his recent trip to Romania.
The pontiff made a visit to the Romanian cities of Bucharest, Bacau, Sumuleu-Ciuc and Blaj from May 31–June 2.
"I am happy to find myself in this, your ţara frumoasă [beautiful land], twenty years after the visit of Saint John Paul II," Francis said. Francis observed that his visit coincides with Romania's holding, for the first time, the presidency of the Council of Europe, a thematic political observation close to Francis' comments throughout his stay.
Speaking in what has become a hallmark of his rhetorical style — ambiguity — Francis criticized traditionalist Catholics who, he says, seek to "safeguard the ashes" of the past while also touting "tradition as the guarantee of the future."

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