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(Council of Vienne)


Friday, June 14, 2019

Anti Pope Francis Preaches Abomination, Justifies Crimes Including Abortion, Child-Abuse

en.news Pope Francis has again defended the immoral teaching of Amoris Laetita talking to Jesuits during a May 31 meeting in the Nunciature in Bukarest, Romania, reports LaCiviltaCattolica.com (June 13).

“When the Synod on the Family began, some said: ‘See, the pope summons a synod to give communion to the divorced.’ And they’re still saying so today!” – Francis complains [although the issue is about "adulterers," not about “divorcees”].

Francis takes refuge in crude black-and-white slogans, claiming that the Synod passed from the “casuistry of decadent scholasticism” to the “true morals of St. Thomas Aquinas.”

At the end, he admits that those were right who said that he wants to give – what he calls - the “possibility of the sacraments” to unrepentant mortal sinners [which is in blatant contradiction to the Gospel].

Francis even claims that this abuse is “developed according to the most classical morals of St. Thomas, the most orthodox, not the decadent casuistry of ‘one can or one cannot’.”

If “one can or one cannot” is “decadent casuistry” then any crime like child-abuse or abortion can be justified.

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