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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Poll: Cupich ‘Worst’ Bishop in the US

by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 19, 2019 

Survey results include many disparaging comments

CHICAGO (ChurchMilitant.com) - A recent survey ranks Cardinal Blase Cupich the worst bishop in the United States.
On Tuesday, Complicit Clergy published the results of a survey on the trustworthiness and orthodoxy of individual U.S. bishops.
Participants were invited to rate their bishops with one ("Mostly Distrust") to five ("Completely Trust") stars for trustworthiness and one to five stars for orthodoxy (adherence to the teachings of the Catholic Church) with an option to comment.
Cupich was ranked the worst bishop in the country and received 67 comments, none of which were positive.
It's way beyond the point of simple distrust. I sincerely believe that Cupich is an evil man, an enemy of Christ and His Church.Tweet
Comments mainly mentioned Cupich's heterodoxy, dishonesty, support for homosexuality and homosexual predators and his connection to Pope Francis.
There were also comments about the survey not permitting a lower rank and many calls for Cupich's repentance and/or resignation:
Cupich's heterodoxy:
  • "A man who seems to have had his faith withdrawn from him if he ever had it in the first place."
  • "Cardinal Blasé Cupich has no respect for the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church!"
  • "He is not Catholic. He is evil. He works to destroy the Truth."
  • "He is part of the McCarrick gang and should be laicized for teaching heresy."
  • "He undermines the faith in every way possible. Horrible shepherd."
  • "Heretical, pederast, acolyte Of [sic] Baphomet."
  • "It's way beyond the point of simple distrust. I sincerely believe that Card. Cupich is an evil man, an enemy of Christ and His Church."
  • "I've stopped my donations based on his heresy."
  • "Sometimes, I wonder why Cupich is a member of the clergy at all. He does not uphold the teachings of the Church and does not work to draw people to the True, the Good and the Beautiful."
  • "When speaking, this Cardinal never even mentions Our Lord, sacraments, devotions, Church teaching--nothing distinctly Catholic or even Christian!"
Cupich's dishonesty:
  • "Complete HYPOCRITE. Money grubbing, liar."
  • "He teaches heresy and he is not honest."
  • "He's a lying piece of **** who protects predators and persecutes the faithful."
  • "He quiets dissenters and is an ideological bully."
  • "Lies lies lies coming out of his mouth. He should be stripped of his priesthood."
  • "Money grubbing, McCarrick supporter. False prophet."
  • "Bears false witness."
Cupich's support for homosexuality and homosexual predators:
  • "He does not seem to support all teachings of the Catholic Church, especially those concerned with pro-life issues like abortion. Additionally, he seems to support & defend homosexuals in the Church."
  • "He completely supports the gay agenda."
  • "He is a believer in situation ethics, allows practices such as communion for the remarried, and homosexual and cohabiting couples."
  • "He is of the homo heresy! He has covered for pedophile priests."
  • "How could anyone trust a bishop who invited the Jesuit Martin to speak?"
  • "He's a homosexual. He's never said the Latin mass."
  • "Favors gays too much."
Cupich's connection to Pope Francis:
  • "A modernist who believes and supports a pope who is a heretic."
  • "He is Francis' man carrying out the agenda of changing the Church (even more than it has already been changed)."
  • "Puppet of Francis the Confuser."
  • "The leader of the cover-up of systematic rape and sex trafficking in the U.S., hand-picked for that purpose by Francis himself."
A desire to rank Cupich lower:
  • "Wouldn't have given him 1 star but was required to select something."
  • "He doesn't deserve any stars."
  • "I can't even justify giving Cardinal Cupich a star at all."
  • "I should be allowed to leave the stars at zero. One star is far too many to express my personal opinion of Cupich's lack of orthodoxy."
  • "I would prefer to give him no stars"
  • "Is there an option for no stars?"
  • "No stars, if it were permitted."
  • "One star only because it won't accept 0 stars."
Many calls for Cupich's repentance or resignation:
  • "Cardinal Cupich needs to step down!"
  • "Save souls, oust him!"
  • "He needs to become Catholic or resign and be laicized."
  • "He should resign immediately"
  • "Needs to resign"
  • "Personally, I think he should resign."
One comment summarized most of these points: "One of the worst. A clone of Francis. Heterodox. Homosexualist. Dishonest. Vindictive. Anti-life. Money-grubber. Arrogant. Effeminate. Wrecker."
There were also comments regarding Cupich's treatment of Fr. Paul Kalchik, a Chicago priest who has gone into hiding to escape Cupich's punishment:
  • "Bishop Cupich has threatened a priest who is now disappeared because he called attention to a flag of homosexuals placed upon the cross at the altar….Blasé Cupich protects homosexuality and should go."
  • "...ridiculous handling of Fr. Kahlchick [sic]."
  • "What pushed me to question Card. Cupich was the way he and his office handled and spun the removal of our long time pastor, Fr. Frank Phillips, from St. John Cantius. Also the removal of Fr. Kalchik."
Church Militant spoke with Fr. Kalchik's brother, David J. Kalchik, who lives in New Orleans and works for the United States Department of the Navy as a project manager.
David hurled no insults or said anything negative; he merely expressed his inability to understand why a prince of the Church would act so contrary to the teachings of the Church.
"Why would Cupich support the LGBT agenda and oppose priests who were trying to teach the Bible and the Catholic faith?" he wondered.
He does all this in the name of God as a cardinal; this is pure evil.Tweet
Church Militant also spoke with Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful about the results of this survey.
"What really makes Cardinal Cupich the worst is the fact that he is the most prominent Cardinal because of his relationship with the Pope," he said.
"He shows that he has no faith by promoting distribution of the Eucharist to homosexual couples, the divorced and remarried and non-Catholics," Brady added.
Brady also noted that Cupich does not support the pro-life movement and seems to have a great dislike for the traditional Mass and traditional Catholics.
"He does all this in the name of God as a Cardinal; this is pure evil," he said.

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