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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Apostate Abp. Gregory’s Pro-LGBT Efforts Honored in Diocesan Newspaper

by Bruce Walker  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 4, 2019

Rainbow-colored ad heaps praise on former head of Atlanta archdiocese

ATLANTA (ChurchMilitant.com) – In the wake of Abp. Wilton Gregory's installment as new head of the Washington, D.C. archdiocese, a dissident LGBT group in Georgia took out a rainbow-colored ad to thank their former archbishop.
The rainbow-colored ad appeared in the official Atlanta archdiocesan newspaper, placed on behalf of Fortunate and Faithful Families, an organization of "Catholic families affirming their LGBTQ members." Fortunate and Faithful Families openly dissents from Church teaching on chastity, and associates with other dissident, pro-LGBT organizations like DignityUSA and New Ways Ministry, condemned by the Vatican.
Fortunate and Faithful Families openly dissents from Church teaching on chastity.Tweet
The ad headline reads: "Thank you, Archbishop Gregory!" and the body text in part reads: "For your encouragement … in our mission to keep Catholic families of LGBTQ children together in faith, we will be forever grateful. Our families and faith have been strengthened by your support."

Gregory was installed in Washington on May 21, replacing disgraced Donald Wuerl, who resigned last fall after a Pennsylvania grand jury report revealed Wuerl had protected numerous homosexual predator priests during his tenure as Pittsburgh archbishop. Among Wuerl's misdeeds was lying multiple times about Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop credibly accused of sexual predation of seminarians.
Gregory has a long track record of pushing for the normalization of homosexuality. Last month, Church Militant published a story implicating Gregory in returning Fr. Juan Fernando Areiza to priestly ministry in 2013 after removing him for his admitted homosexual affair in 2010.
In 2018, Gregory refused to fire Msgr. Henry Gracz, a priest who attends drag clubs and marches annually in Atlanta's gay pride parade, for violating Church teaching regarding homosexuality. he defended Gracz using the public statements of Pope Francis on homosexuality.

Archbishop Gregory rose to prominence as an auxiliary bishop in Chicago, where he was a protégé of Cdl. Joseph Bernardin, architect of the "seamless garment" approach to Catholic doctrine, which prioritized all social issues equally with abortion. In an early April story, Church Militant noted:
The protege of Chicago's late Cdl. Joseph Bernardin, who faithful watchdog groups identify as a key individual in building the homosexual network into America's Catholic Church, is being shifted to Washington.
In 1983, Bernardin consecrated Fr. Wilton Gregory as his 35-year-old auxiliary bishop. Gregory had only been ordained a priest 10 years prior. The Catholic watchdog group Roman Catholic Faithful headed by Stephen Brady has been aware of Bernardin's key role in the homosexual hive for decades.
As reported by Church Militant, Gregory possesses a long list of disturbing behavior.
  • Gave the keynote address to the 2017 yearly assembly for the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests (AUSCP), a dissident group that promotes married priesthood, contraception and loosening of restrictions on Church teaching on sexuality
  • Held a retreat for Fortunate and Faithful Families, a dissenting, pro-LGBT group that rejects Church doctrine on chastity
  • Invited homosexualit Jesuit Fr. James Martin to speak at an Atlanta Jesuit parish and the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
  • Supported pro-LGBT Atlanta drag show priest Msgr. Henry Gracz, who is pastor of Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; appointed him "spiritual director" to sex-abuse victims, and allows the parish to attend the annual Pride parade
  • Was a featured speaker at the 2017 Boston College gathering of progressive-liberal theologians to endorse Holy Communion for civilly remarried Catholics, during which he claimed that Amoris Laetitia "challenges the church and its pastors to move beyond thinking that everything is black and white"
  • In 2014 he apologized for moving into a 6,400 square-foot, $2.2 million mansion, saying, "I failed to consider the impact on the families throughout the archdiocese who, though struggling to pay their mortgages, utilities, tuition and other bills, faithfully respond year after year to my pleas to assist with funding our ministries and services"
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Bergoglio asked the apostate Pro-Gay Wilton Gregory to lead Washington archdiocese

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