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Thursday, June 13, 2019

The heresiarch Bergoglio Demands Absolute Obedience

St. Thomas speaks of an indiscreet obedience which obeys even in matters unlawful.

en.news “It is irreconcilable to be a Pontifical Representative while criticizing the Pope behind his back, having blogs or even joining groups hostile to him, the Curia or the Church of Rome," Pope Francis told more than hundred nuncios during a June 13 audience.

Francis wants absolute loyalty and absolute obedience, “Obedience to God cannot be separated from obedience to the Church and to the superiors.”

At the same time, Francis called on the nuncios to avoid "rigidity" as well as “hypocritical and chameleon-like flexibility” which seems to be the essence of a contemporary Catholic bishop.

Bergoglio asks for blind obedience, precisely this rebellious apostate who has trampled all the legitimate popes of our Catholic Church.

Obedience as per St. Thomas

5.Subjects are bound to obey their superiors in all things? No, if the Superior commands something against God or outside oftheir sphere of authority obedience is not required in the latterand sinful in the former. 

1.Against God: We are bound to obey the divine command asknown through the Divine, Written and Natural Law. To disobey the these is to commit sin.

2. Sphere of Authority: This defines the limits of authority.St. Thomas speaks of the limits of authority for rulers, parents,as well as religious leaders.

Rendering obedience to the false pope Bergoglio is a sin of idolatry as explained by Saint Vincent Ferrer

Saint Vincent Ferrer, OP: “By rendering obedience to one who is not Pope and paying him papal honors, the first precept of the first table (Commandment) is broken in which it is ordered: Do not worship a foreign god, or an idol, or a statue, or similarity some of the heaven. He explains that it is very dangerous for the christian soul to join to a false pope; because the false pope is like “a foreign god in this world, an idol, a statue, a fictitious image of Christ. It is evident, then, that it is very dangerous for any Christian soul to break, even by ignorance, the two divine precepts indicated

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