"It is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action"
(Council of Vienne)


Monday, June 24, 2019

Bergoglio teaches heresies in his sermon for Corpus Christi

Francis' New Heresy: Jesus "Becomes Bread”

en.news The Eucharist is “Jesus who becomes bread,” and contains the "entire reality of the Church,” Pope Francis claimed in his June 23 Corpus Christi homily.

He went on alleging that we find in the Eucharist God himself "contained in a piece of bread.” These formulations are profoundly heretical.

It is true that the Bible calls the Eucharist “breaking of bread”, “bread of the angels” or “bread of heaven.” However, it is wrong to state that “Jesus becomes bread" - even a first year theology student knows this.

The heretical concept pronounced by Francis is called “impanation.” It denies transubstantiation and is usually explained with the wrong statement that “God has become bread.” Transsubstantiation is the changing of the bread’s substance into the substance of Christ's body effectuated by the consecration during Mass.

In addition, the Church cannot be identified with the Eucharist as Francis did.

It is necessary to clarify that the heresiarch Bergoglio is not a Catholic Pope who has fallen into heresy; but, he is a formal heretic who is obstinate in his heresies as professed while he lived in Argentina. The Magisterium of the Church says that if it is proven that the cardinals chose a heretic as pope; someone who was already a heretic prior to his elevation; this elevation is automatically null and void, without any validity or power, regardless of the obedience that has been given to the supposed pope.



The grave error of many Catholics is to think that Bergoglio is above the Magisterium of the Church and to FALSELY BELIEVE that above the heresiarch Bergoglio there is no authority that can depose him; or, that a council or a future pope is required to declare him null.  The Magisterium IS THE authority that has declared null and void the elevation of a heretic to the papacy and people mistakenly think that one should only RESIST AND THEY DO NOT COMBAT HIM, BECAUSE THEY RECOGNIZE HIM AS A POPE.  THEY COME INTO CONTRADICTION BECAUSE THE RESISTANCE IS A NON-CATHOLIC CONCEPT BECAUSE IT REPRESENTS IN IT A SCHISM against a Pope. 

Just imagine that (apostate) cardinals chose a woman pope.  Under the same concept of resisting a heretic who was illegitimately elevated to the papacy; we would have to resist her when obviously neither a heretic nor a woman nor a child are qualified to be pope. So, their mistake is that they want to apply to a Heretic the rights of a Pope whom the heretic does NOT have . THE SERIOUS MISTAKE OF THEM IS TO PUT A HERITIC ABOVE THE Magisterium.

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