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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

St Pelagius of Córdoba a Christian teenager Martyr for rejecting Islam and homosexuality

Martirologio: "In Córdoba, in the Hispanic region of Andalusia, Saint Pelayo, martyr, than at thirteen, for wanting to preserve his faith in Christ and his chastity before the dishonest customs of Abd al-Rahmán III, caliph of the Muslims, he consummated his glorious martyrdom by being torn apart with pincers (925). "
Martyr in Cordoba, Spain. Also called Pelayo.
 Feast : June 26

The 26th of June marks the traditional—and modern—liturgical feast day of this courageous young saint. In the traditional Roman Breviary, at the morning hour of Prime on 25 June, the brief but moving Martyrologium reading (which always mentions the glorious martyrs celebrated on the following day) states the following: Cordubæ, in Hispania, natalis sancti Pelagii adolescentuli, qui, ob confessionem fidei, Regis Saracenorum Abdarameni jussu forcipibus ferreis membratim præcisus, martyrium suum gloriose consummavit / “At Córdoba, in Spain, [in the tenth century,] the holy child Pelagius, who crowned his confession of the faith with a glorious martyrdom, by being torn to pieces with iron pincers, by order of Abdu’l-Rahman, King of the Saracens.”
In our trying times of today, when we see our cities attacked once again by Muslim forces, and when Christians, especially in the Middle-East, including young children, are tortured with such diabolical cruelty by extremist Islamists and beheaded; when the overwhelming influence and temptations of a world gone mad with all sorts of sexual disorder and immorality press around us, all Catholics, especially young ones, should be able to take heart by procuring the blessed intercession of St. Pelagius, this young Christian boy, this noble martyr from tenth century Spain.
Through his steadfastness in purity and faith, St. Pelagius was set free from all bondage and brought home to Heaven in triumph. Instead of walking in the rose-garden of Abdurrahman, the Moorish Caliph of Córdoba, he walks in the unfading garden of the King of Kings, crowned for ever with the roses of his precious martyrdom, as the psalmist (115 Vulgate) says: Pretiosa in conspectu Domini, mors sanctorum eius / “Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of his saints.”

Originally published on November 15, 2015. 

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  1. Saint Pelagius

    13 year old boy tortured and martyred in Spain.

    Pelagius refused to have sex with a Muslim pasha due to his Christian faith. For this was killed. He was scourged and had his arms and legs cut off and he was finally beheaded.

    Due to this is is regarded as a saint for men and women struggling with same-sex attraction as well as holy purity, hence in art he is depicted with a lily, a symbol of chastity.

    Pelagius means ''dweller by the sea''

    In spain he is known as San pelayo


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